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No matter how disgusting it sounds, whenever a pimple popping video shows up on the feed, one just can’t resist the urge to watch it. And we’ve compiled the wildest ones we could find on the web!

Pimple popping videos share a love and hate relationship with their viewers. Ever since they started trending, netizens have been raving about how icky and disgusting they are. But they can’t seem to get enough of them either! 

Pimple popping is a simple procedure. The skin membrane bursts from the applied pressure and out flows an oozing stream of turbulent pus. It’s revolting but oddly satisfying, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, nobody is going to judge you around here. Inspirationfeed is a judge-free zone. Let’s watch some wild pimple popping videos, guilt-free!

Please note: These videos contain dermatological surgical and/or procedural content that some may deem graphic and shocking. Please be advised that it may not be appropriate for all audiences.

1. Large Blackheads on the Back

2. Blackhead Pimples Removal of The Elderly

3. Dr. Lee Removes A Massive 55 Year Old Blackhead!

4. Popping Huge Blackheads

5. Extracting large Whiteheads

6. Top 10 Satisfying Pimple Popping Videos

7. Greatest Blackheads and Whiteheads

8. Super Big Pimples

9. Blackhead Removal by Thuy Dung Spa

10. Large Blackheads Removal

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