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July is the perfect month to bring in the summer jam action! It’s filled with fireworks, BBQ smoke, and lots of patriotism from the people of America. But the 4th of July isn’t the only holiday that makes this month shine. You’d be surprised to discover several other July global holidays that are rejoiced by people all around the world.

1. Canada Day

Date Marked: 1st July

Category: National

Why It’s Marked: To celebrate independence

Where It’s Marked: Canada

Canada made its way to the world map in 1867 after the Canadian Confederation took place. The Cathedral Church of Saint James in Toronto expressed its gratitude for an independent country by the rhythmic ringing of bells.

Canada day was declared a public holiday in 1879; 12 years after Charles Stanley Monck (late governor-general) passed a royal bill to call for its celebration. If the history of Canada has you intrigued, find out some super interesting facts in this short video.

This day was rejoiced by bonfires, fireworks, and entertainment shows back in the day. And not much of it has changed! Festivals, carnivals, maritime shows, and parades are conducted in various areas to show sovereignty to the flag with the maple leaf.

Canadian expats don’t shy away from celebrating this day with zeal and zest regardless of the country they reside in. Hong Kong, England, Shanghai, and Beijing are just some of the places where Canada day is organized by these expatriates. 

2. World UFO Day

Date Marked: 2nd July

Category: Cultural

Why It’s Marked: To acknowledge the existence of UFOs

Where It’s Marked: Worldwide

This day is dedicated to extraterrestrial entities. It brings to light their existence and creates awareness about the species that are not yet acquainted with us.

On this day, spectators observe the sky and search for any identified flying object. There is a lot of debate and controversy about UFOs.

In 1947, the Roswell incident took place when some officers from the Roswell army recovered a flying saucer from an airforce balloon crash. The details of this incident are said to have been concealed by the US government. It comes off as no surprise that the public demands the release of such confidential files and data. 

3. Kupala Night

Date Marked: 6-7th July

Category: Cultural

Why It’s Marked: To celebrate fertility and luck

Where It’s Marked: Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

The Kupala night or Ivana Kupala is a Slavic celebration that cherishes the shortest night during the summer solstice. The name Kupala was extracted from the Pagan fertility rite and was later adjusted into the Christian calendar.

Water is an essential highlight of this holiday and it is profoundly used for ritual purification. On this night, individuals also jump over fires to showcase their bravery whereas couples do it to express their decreed love.

According to ancient Slavic folklore, it is believed that on this day ferns are bloomed and the one who finds one is destined for great luck. Thus, many people set out on a hunt for bloomed ferns in the forest to direct their destiny towards prosperity and success. The night preceding the Kupala night is known as the Tvorila night. 

4. USA Independence Day

Date Marked: 4th July

Category: National

Why It’s Marked: To celebrate independence

Where It’s Marked: United States of America

Perhaps the most widely renowned holiday is the 4th of July, which marked the freedom of 13 American colonies from the rule of the British.

It was on this date in 1776 that the declaration of independence was acknowledged by the continental congress. Americans celebrate this day with fireworks, carnivals, speeches, political debates, picnics, games, and much more. Independence day in America is a day when families reunite to celebrate the freedom and opportunities that their beloved land has to offer.

Prayers are made and vows are taken by those who wish nothing but the best for America. The history of the USA is a remarkable read, if you wish to recap it real quick click here

5. Bastille Day

Date Marked: 14th July

Category: National

Why It’s Marked: To celebrate the French Revolution

Where It’s Marked: France and its overseas departments

This day marks the anniversary of the fall of Bastille and the simultaneous beginning of the French Revolution. The Bastille was used as a military fortress and prison.

In 1789 on this day, a mob of men stormed into the fortress and set free 7 political prisoners. In addition to the French Revolution, this day also marks the end of the Bourbon Monarchy. Bastille day is also commonly known as La Fete Nationale and came to be recognized as a public holiday since the 1880s.

An extravagant military parade is conducted to send out the message of dominance and power. The use of fireworks and Firemen’s balls (Bal Des Pompiers) is profound throughout the evening.

6. Nelson Mandela International Day

Date Marked: 18th July

Category: General

Why It’s Marked: To pay a tribute to Nelson Mandela

Where It’s Marked: Worldwide

This day is dedicated to Nelson Mandela and the revolutionary legacy he left behind. Mandela was a South-African politician who also happened to be the first president of South Africa.

He had strong anti-apartheid beliefs and his works counteracted racist policies in South Africa. All his movements were free of violence, he hence bagged the Noble Prize for peace in 1993. Mandela dedicated his entire life to bringing justice and equality to the system of South Africa. 

7. Global Tiger Day

Date Marked: 29th July 

Category: General

Why It’s Marked: To create awareness and protect the declining Tiger species

Where It’s Marked: Worldwide

On this day, the importance and awareness of declining tiger species are emphasized. International Tiger Day was first recognized in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia.

Deleterious approaches towards these tigers have been adopted over the years such as illegal wildlife trade, habitat destruction, fragmentation, and more. These actions are posing a great threat to Tigers and their habitats.

Tigers are an essential part of the ecosystem. They are top-line predators and play a huge role in the dictation of the ecosystem balance. Humans overlook their importance. Many people are unaware of the fact that Tigers mitigate climate control, make abundant vegetation, and reduce the occurrence of natural disasters.

Had it not been for these tigers, their prey species would have led to massive consumption of vegetation thus upscaling the probability of drought and famine.

Ask Away: The FAQ Section

Which awareness month is in July?

National cord blood awareness month.

What happens if 4th July falls on Sunday?

If the 4th of July falls on Sunday, then the following day is declared a holiday.

What are some special days in July?

National Doctor’s day

World UFO Day & World Sports Journalist Day

International Day of Cooperatives

World Zoonoses Day

World Population Day

World Malala Day

World Day for International Justice

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