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Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular media streaming app in the world but it does have two downsides to it – first, it has to be paid for, although you do get a generous 30-day free trial and, second, content is geo-restricted, which means not everyone is going to get the same. Some streaming apps do require payment but there are some cool free ones too so cast your eye over these Netflix alternatives and find the one that offers what you want.

Top Ten Netflix Alternatives:

All of these have been tested and offer everything they claim to offer. Some are free, some are paid and most are entirely legal to use.

Apple TV App – Subscription – $4.99/month

Launched on 1st November, TV App is Apple’s central hub for all your streaming needs. It offers movies, TV series, kids stuff, documentaries and more. It’s already on any iPhone or iPad with iOS 12.3 or higher and it makes it easy to watch your iTunes content, any subscription services you already pay for, and a choice of subscription services that Apple has made available.

While there is plenty of free content,  there’s also a huge choice of movies for rental or purchase. There is a 7-day free trial and then subscriptions cost $4.99 per month. AppleTV+ is a free subscription for 1 year for new Mac and iOS users.

Kodi – Free

Originally released as a media storage center for Xbox, Kodi offers users an excellent one-stop-shop for storing photos, movies, TV shows, and any other media you may already have on your devices. However, it also offers another service – a choice of addons that allow you to stream just about anything you could possibly want – movies, shows, series, documentaries, news, sports, music and so much more.

However, although Kodi is legal, the addons are not and you may find that they disappear suddenly. You can download Kodi from the AppValley iOS app installer

Hulu – Free

Hulu is a very popular streaming service and is one of the very best sources of shows, movies, and other popular content, It is updated very regularly with new content and improvements, works cross-platform, and has full support for Chromecast. It is a web-based streamer, which means you must have an internet connection to use it, but you get simple one-click access to whatever content you want.

Tubi TV – Free

One of the new streaming apps released in the last couple of years, Tubi TV is quite small compared to other apps but it makes up for that in what it offers – a comprehensive range of TV shows and movies in al the most popular genres. It is growing fast; the more popular it gets, the more content is added. You do need to sign up for a free account to steam anything and an internet connection is required as there is no offline mode.

Vudu – Free

Another free app, Vudu is packed with thousands of shows, movies, documentaries, and much more. Regarded as one of the very best streaming apps, Vudu is ad-supported but they don’t interfere with anything you are watching. You get the option of HDX streaming, Airplay is supported for streaming to other devices and you get to choose from over 10,000 titles. Offline watching is supported.

HBO GO – Subscription

HBO GO offers you all the HBO channels in one place. You can watch movies, HBO Originals, documentaries, cartoons, and much more. All the original series are included, such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Wire, and much more.

There is some external distributor content available too, such as Mad Men, The Vampire Chronicles, Supergirl and more and you get the option of full HD viewing. Content is geo-restricted and a subscription is required.

Globo Player – Free and subscription

Globo Play is a truly international app, offering TV shows, series, movies and more from all over the world. All major genres are covered and offline watching is supported. There are even some novels to download. You can watch Globo Play for free but the content is limited; for more and for extra benefits, sign up for a subscription.

Mediaset Play – Free

Mediaset Play is not a new app but has recently been given a facelift.  It offers a huge choice of Mediaset Play networks shows, movies, foreign language channels, documentaries and a whole lot more. A handy Restart feature means that you never miss the beginning of a movie again and there is support for casting to larger screens.

iFlix – Free, subscription available

Another free app, iFlix offers a comprehensive range of TV series, movies, local content and there is even a recommendation for a Movie of the Day. You can watch and stream on up to three devices at once, watch in several languages, watch offline and more. There is plenty on the free app but you can also get a VIP subscription for more.

Sling – Subscription – $20/$25

Sling is the last of our recommendations, offering two subscriptions. With Sling, you can watch more than 100,000 hours of viewing – documentaries, cartoons, movies, TV shows, and a whole lot more besides. You also get access to several very popular channels, including Disney Channel, Nat Geo, and Fox, all available in more than 20 languages.

Hopefully, there will be something for all of you to enjoy here; there are loads more different apps but these are some of the best Netflix alternatives that we have found.

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