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We all love babies, don’t we? If you’re about to become a parent to a lovely baby boy, you have come to the right place. We make the name-hunting process fun, easy, and explorable. With options that would suit all.

Just think about it, you’re about to name your child, a title that he would live with forever. A title that could even become popular by the initiation of a legacy. A title that could leave its mark on the history pages! The Arabic language is celebrated and cherished by over 26 million people around the globe. Regardless of religion and creed, people wish to bestow their children exquisite Arabic names.

Arabic names may be a tad bit difficult to pronounce for those who aren’t familiar with the language. But no worries, this video will simplify the task for you. 

Sorted below are easy-to-navigate categories of Arabic boy names for your beloved son.

The Most Popular Arabic Boy Names

These names are very common but for all the right reasons. They have sophisticated pronunciations and deep meanings.

  • Muhammad

Muhammad is the most rejoiced and popular name in history. It was the name of the last prophet of Islam and has ever since been used as a prefix. 

For example, Mohammed Ali or Mohammed Ahmed.

Muhammad means praiseworthy.

  • Adam

It means the ‘father of mankind’. It was the name of the first man sent down on Earth.

  • Abdullah

Abdullah means ‘servant of God’. It is a wonderful spiritual name.

  • Abdul

Abdul also means ‘servant of God’.

  • Ahmad 

Ahmad means ‘much praised’ It is a noble name that harbors power and respect.

  • Ahmed 

Ahmed means ‘highly praised’.

  • Ali

Ali means elevated or superior. This is a fierce Arabic name for resilient boys.

  • Ibrahim

Ibrahim (Christian version: Abraham) translates to ‘The father of many nations’. This prophetic name holds importance in many religions present today.

  • Nasir 

Nasir means ‘one who gives victory’.

  • Aladdin

Aladdin is also a famous cartoon character. It means ‘peak of faith’.

  • Amir 

Amir is a ‘born prince’ or a ‘prince born to give orders’.

The Most Unique Arabic Boy Names 

For someone who wishes to make their child stand out in the crowd, this is the set of names they should be focusing on. They are layered and deep-sighted names, bound to impart your child with a lasting impression.

  • Adib 

Adib is a well-cultured scholar.

  • Adnan 

Adnan is a beautiful name that means ‘Pioneer’.

  • Afif 

Afif is a modest man.

  • Aadil 

Aadil is a masculine name used to describe a just and upright man.

  • Sami 

Sami is a unique name that means ‘transcendent’.

  • Uzair 

Uzair means helper or strength.

  • Arham 

It means ‘mercy and compassion’.

  • Aryan 

This name is related to the prehistoric Arya civilization. It means ‘warrior’.

  • Rehan 

It means ‘a scented fragrance’.

  • Huzaifa 

Huzaifa is a wise and intellectual man.

  • Aarabisk

A person who is wishful and healthy is known as Aarabisk. This is indeed a very unique name.

Arabic Names Sorted Alphabetically With Meanings

The Letter A

  • Aqil

The one who is wise and intelligent

  • Aaban

It has multiple meanings. It is the 8th month in the Persian calendar. It means ‘angel of Iron’. It also means spontaneous and versatile.

  • Aabdar 

It means moonlight

  • Adeel 

The virtuous one

  • Afaaq


  • Aftab 

The sun or the sunlight 

  • Ahad 

It means oneness or unity

  • Aahil 

Great king

  • Alamgeer 

The supreme conqueror of the world

  • Aaqil 

A man bestowed with quick cognitive capacity

  • Aashiq

A true lover

  • Ayaan 

Bright and swift 

  • Azad

The free one or someone with freedom 

The Letter B

  • Baashir 

Brave and loyal

  • Badrawi 

The one who is beautiful like the full moon

  • Badshah 

The ruler, king, or emperor 

  • Baheen 

An exalted and peace-loving person

  • Bahir 

The one with a luminous personality

  • Bakhtiyar 

A lucky and fortunate individual

  • Bakir 

The one who can rip open

  • Balaj 

Shine or glitter 

  • Barakaa


  • Bari 

The skillful one

The Letter C

  • Careem 

The one with a generous personality

  • Cheekoo

The name of a fruit

  • Challita 

The most beautiful of all

  • Casildo 

The one who carries a lance

  • Cairo 

The victorious one

The Letter D

  • Daaim 

The one with a lasting personality 

  • Daoud 

The name of an Islamic prophet 

  • Daboor 

The soothing morning breeze

  • Daib 

The happy one

  • Dayyan 

A might judge

  • Daniyal 

A handsome boy

The Letter E

  • Eesaa 

The name of an Islamic prophet 

  • Ehab 

A gift

  • Ehsaan 

The one who strives for excellence 

  • Ejaz 

A miracle

  • Elaf 


  • Emad

Support or pillar

  • Eyad

The one who possesses power and might 

The Letter F

  • Farooq 

The one who can distinguish between right and wrong

  • Faateh 

The one who conquers, opens, and initiates things

  • Fahad 


  • Fahim 

An intelligent scholar 

  • Faid 

One who has an advantage

  • Faiq 

The one who is morally superior 

The Letter G

  • Ghalib 

The name of a famous poet

  • Ghaib 

The one who can not be seen

  • Ghaffar 

The one who forgives

  • Ghani 

A rich and wealthy person 

The Letter H

  • Haafiz 

The guardian 

  • Haakim 

The healer

  • Harris 

A vigilant watchman

  • Haroon 

A warrior lion

  • Hashim 

The generous and kind one

  • Haatim 

Decisive by nature

  • Habib 


The Letter I

  • Idrak 

To understand 

  • Idris 

The studious and smart one

  • Ihtishaam 

The one who has a magnificent personality

  • Ijtiba 

The chosen one

  • Ikhlaaq

The one with good demeanor and virtues

The Letter J

  • Jabaar 

The one who houses great power and might

  • Jabir 

The one who comforts 

  • Jabroot 

The majestic one

  • Jahmal 

The handsome one

  • Jamil 

A beautiful and handsome man

  • Jalal

The majesty 

  • Jal 

The one who wanders

The Letter K

  • Kaamil 

Complete and perfect 

  • Kabir 

The great one

  • Kadeem 

The servant 

  • Kadeen 

Friend or companion

  • Kafi 

The sufficient one 

  • Kaif 

Pleasure and high spirit

  • Kaleel 

A good friend 

  • Kambiz

The fortunate one 

The Letter L

  • Laaiq 

The suital and eligible one

  • Labib 

A person of great intellect

  • Lahab 


  • Latif 

The gentle and kind one

  • Luqmaan 

A wise and knowing man 

The Letter M

  • Maajid 

The honorable and splendid one 

  • Mamoon 

A dependable and reliable individual 

  • Maarij 

A strong fiery blaze

  • Maaz 

The one who seeks or provides shelter

  • Mabruk 

The blessed one

  • Mufeed 

The useful one 

  • Mahbub 

The one who is loved 

The Letter N

  • Naadim 

A repentful or remorseful individual 

  • Naathim 

Controller or coordinator 

  • Nazeer 

The observant one or the spectator 

  • Naazim 

The establisher

  • Nabil 

A man entitled to honor

  • Naeem 

A cheerful man 

The Letter O

  • Omar 

Powerful orator 

  • Obadiah 

A charming or loving person 

  • Omair 

The person with brilliant knowledge

  • Owais 

A wolf 

The Letter P

  • Pervez 

The victorious and triumphant one 

  • Pehzan 

A holy person 

  • Pir 

An old and elderly leader 

The Letter Q

  • Qaabil 

An acceptor or approver 

  • Qazi 

A magistrate of justice 

  • Qasim 

The distributor 

  • Qaasit 

The just and fair one 

  • Qaddam 

The leader 

The Letter R

  • Raad 

A scout or pioneer

  • Raaheel 

To go on a journey 

  • Raaid 

A guide 

  • Rajih

The one who is superior 

  • Raamiz 

A symbol 

  • Raateeb

The one who arranges 

  • Rafan 

The beautiful one 

  • Rafiq

A kind friend 

The Letter S

  • Saadat 

A blissful and happy person 

  • Saad 

A happy person 

  • Saadiq 

The honest and trustworthy person

  • Saagh 

The listener 

  • Saalih 

The one who possesses good nature 

  • Sabeeh 

The radiant one 

The Letter T

  • Taabish 

A moderate and comfortable heat

  • Taajwar 

The one who is destined to rule 

  • Taalib

A student or seeker of knowledge

  • Tabaarak 

The blessed one 

  • Tafazzul 

The courteous one 

  • Taheem 

The one who has a pure heart 

The Letter U

  • Ubaida

The servant of God

  • Usama 


The Letter W

  • Waaseh 

An attribute of the Lord

  • Waheed 

Unique and singular 

  • Waleed 

A newborn baby of tender age 

The Letter Y

  • Yasin 

Meaning unknown. It is the heart of the holy book Quran 

  • Yaqeen 


  • Yaqoob 

The God will protect 

The Letter Z

  • Zayn 

The beautiful and graceful one 

  • Zaahir 

The bright and radiant 

  • Zayden 

To increase

The FAQ Section

1. What Are Some Arabic Boy Names?

  • Muhammad
  • Ali
  • Ahmed
  • Zayn
  • Waheed
  • Uzair 

2. What Is The Most Common Arabic Name?


3. Who Is The Best Man In The World Ever?

Muhammad. The Islamic political leader and prophet. 

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