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Do you need a good dose of inspiration for your day? Then look no further than these heartwarming tales where people overcome adversity and experience the wonderful things that go hand-in-hand with faith. For your convenience, we have collected the best comedies, dramas and real-life stories with a strong Christian theme.

1. An Interview With God (2018)

Paul Asher is a young journalist who just returned from covering the war in Afghanistan. But upon arriving home in New York, things begin to fall apart. His marriage is teetering on the rocks, a soldier he met in Afghanistan is going over the rails and Paul desperately tries to help him. On top of everything else, something lacks in Paul’s life but he does not quite understand what.

But nothing is ever the same again when he is offered the chance to interview a man who claims to be God.

2. Big Miracle (2011)

This movie is based on a true event. In 1988, three whales become trapped in ice near Point Barrow, Alaska. Operation Breakthrough was set into motion to rescue the gray whales which consisted of two adults and a calf.

The story follows an international effort, which includes hunters, politicians, Greenpeace, the National Guard, and the USSR to stop the hole in the ice from closing and also to break the whale family free before it is too late.

3. Like Arrows (2018)

When 20-year-old Alice discovers that she is pregnant, she is totally caught off guard and unprepared. But her boyfriend, Charlie, is up for the job of being a father and they quickly get married. As the years pass by, their family grows but Charlie withdraws and leaves Alice overwhelmed.

When their teenage daughter begins to act recklessly and endanger herself, they realize that they have to change their parenting strategy. The story is a heartwarming tale of a family on the brink of destruction but how faith, Church and biblical parenting brought them the miracle they needed.

4. God Bless The Broken Road (2018)

When Amber Hill loses his husband, his death in the war in Afghanistan throws her into a vicious circle of grief. She refuses to talk about him to their daughter, Bree, leaving the youngster feeling increasingly lonely. Amber also refuses financial help from her family, despite the bills piling up and she also stops going to Church.

She meets a racecar driver who manages to plant the seed of faith in her heart again but when he’s almost killed during an accident, it nearly tears Amber and her daughter apart. When a soldier gives her a cross her husband had made from IED scraps, it is the signal that turns her life around.

5. Joseph: King Of Dreams (2000)

In this animated musical drama, a favorite classic comes alive for the whole family. Joseph is the youngest and most beloved of Jacob’s twelve sons. One day, out of jealousy and anger over Joseph’s prediction that they will all bow before him one day, his brothers sell him to a slave-trader.

In Egypt, Joseph is thrown in jail for a crime he did not commit and he interprets the dreams of other prisoners. After languishing for years in a cell, the Pharaoh summons Joseph to analyze a dream he keeps having. What Joseph reveals saves the Egyptian nation from famine but also gives him a great position of power in the royal household.

6. A Week Away (2021)

In the mood for another musical drama? This coming-of-age film follows the story of a teenager who is emotionally lost and constantly getting in trouble with the law. But when Will’s luck runs out, he is given a choice to either go to a juvenile prison or to attend a week-long Christian camp. Will chooses the camp purely because it sounds like a better deal.

At the camp, Will has a good time until the other teens realize his background is a bit checkered and he is ostracized. He runs away but with the help of a special girl and his own faith, Will realizes that there are people who have been caring about him all along.

7. Soul Surfer (2011)

Based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, the movie follows a 13-year-old girl who dreams of making it big in the sport of surfing. She’s got talent and is on track to win the Hawaiian Island Regionals contest.

But one day, while in the water, a shark attacks Bethany and bites off her left arm beneath the shoulder. Her life is saved thanks to the quick thinking of her friends. Even so, doctors are amazed by her recovery, calling it a “miracle.” Her inspiring story shows how her faith pulled her through the toughest times, how she returned to surfing and went on Christian missions to other countries to inspire others with her story.

8. Fatima (2020)

In this real-life mystery, the story begins in 1917. Three young children are watching a flock in Portugal when they allegedly have an encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary. They are given several messages and they also experience multiple visits from the mysterious woman. But as the news spread, their prophecies anger the secular government and Catholic Church alike.

Despite the pressure to recant their story, the children inspire thousands to flock to the area and possibly even get the chance to witness a miracle.

9. Full Count (2019)

Milton Young is living the dream. He’s a young man from the sticks with an incredible talent for baseball that takes him to the brink of becoming a professional player. But just as Milton seems set for life as a great star, his life is devastated by a series of tragedies.

He is thrown into grief when his father dies and a car accident not only ruins his precious throwing arm but could get him arrested for manslaughter. But when a drifter arrives on his family’s failing farm, hope and faith re-enter Milton’s shattered world.

10. Seven Pounds (2008)

Ben Thomas is a man with a secret. Ben is not even his real name and he’s a scary customer when people get too close. But he goes out of his way to change the lives of seven people who are ill, in debt or in abusive relationships.

Despite his attempts not to, he is drawn to Emily, a patient whose printing business is failing and she’s also in need of a new heart. Ben’s real reason for helping these seven individuals come to a tragic conclusion which reveals a mistake he has never forgiven himself for.

11. The Resurrection Of Gavin Stone (2017)

Gavin Stone is a child movie star but when he is all grown up, he struggles to get work. Even so, he becomes known in the Hollywood party scene. Stone is also no stranger to getting into trouble with the law and at one point, he goes too far and is sentenced to perform community service at a local church.

His job is to clean the building and bored out of his mind, Stone tries to get into the church’s annual play by pretending to be Christian. He auditions for the role of Jesus Christ and even though this is a comedy, you can look forward to warmth, personal growth, and the story of a man who finds his way back to God.

12. I’m In Love With A Church Girl (2013)

Based on a remarkable true story, this drama sees a dramatic transformation for Miles Montego. As one of the most prolific drug traffickers in Los Angeles, his life takes a sharp turn when he meets Vanessa Leon. Determined to turn his life around, he convinces this straight-arrow church girl to give him a chance in love.

Their romance is besieged by old ways, the DEA, and an accident that almost kills Vanessa. But thanks to their love and faith, the couple perseveres and Miles becomes a pastor.

13. Good Sam (2019)

Kate is a reporter for Channel 12 and she stumbles upon an intriguing story. A good Samaritan or “Good Sam” has left $100,000 in cash on someone’s doorstep. In fact, he’s done this four times. Kate tries to hunt down the mysterious benefactor but has no luck.

When she receives a text message to meet Good Sam alone, she enters the dark world of imposters. Determined to find the real Sam and oust the fake one, Kate renews her efforts and interviews the lucky recipients, all of whom were strangers but they had two things in common – they were each in dire need of finances and they all knew the same dead man. The answer to the mystery is life-changing for Kate and the city.

14. The Young Messiah (2016)

This movie offers viewers a speculative take on what Jesus’s life might have been like as a 7-year-old boy. Beautifully written and created, the story begins where Jesus and his family leave Egypt to return to Israel. The child can already perform miracles like raising the dead and healing the sick.

At the heart of the movie, the tale focuses on Jesus trying to come to terms with his holy destiny. Additionally, while he rises through each challenge, word of his special talents is already ruffling feathers in the Roman world.

15. Courageous (2011)

This drama dives deep into the lives of four men who, after a terrible tragedy, make a resolution to be better fathers and Christians. They set out to mend fences with their children and after a while, everything seems to be going fine. But when one of them turns to drug trafficking for a quick buck, their group almost unravels and has consequences that lead several people to jail and others to Church.

16. Same Kind Of Different As Me (2017)

After Ron Hall admits to his wife, Debbie, that he once had an affair, she offers him a second chance – but only if he agrees to help her at a local homeless shelter. Initially seeing no value in the commitment, Ron agrees just to save his marriage. However, he soon makes friends with a violent homeless man called Denver.

The couple invites Denver to stay with them for a while and they form a close friendship. But Ron’s demons and Debbie’s failing health threatens to tear everything apart. Amazingly, it is Denver who helps Ron back on his feet after tragedy strikes the family.

17. The Healer (2016)

When Alec Bailey loses his parents and twin brother he tries to drown himself in booze, women, and debt. When Russian debt collectors threaten his life, Alec’s uncle insists that he moves to Nova Scotia for a year and seeing no other way out, he agrees. His first days in the new town do not go well, especially when people mistake his electrical business ad in the paper as an invitation to visit him as a faith healer.

When people start to heal – even after he bluntly sends them away – word spreads that Alec has a special gift for healing. Overwhelmed, he refuses to accept his destiny until he meets a dying girl and he has to step out of his comfort zone to save her.

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