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A slow-burn thriller is a good way to get white knuckles, for sure. But some horror fans love the macabre and almost over-the-top world of Rob Zombie. Seriously, this guy does not know the meaning of subtlety. So, if you love a world where the killer always catches you and blood spills by the gallon, then don’t hesitate to select one of our top Zombie movies below!

1. House Of 1000 Corpses (2003)

In 1977, four teenagers take to the road. Hoping to write a book about unusual roadside attractions, they are excited to learn about a madman, Dr Satan, who was hung locally. While driving to the location where he was hung, they meet a girl called Baby who takes them to her family’s home when they get into car trouble.

But Baby’s family is deeply disturbed and soon, the four friends are plunged into a house of horrors from which no victim before them has ever escaped.

2. The Devil’s Rejects (2005)

In this sequel to House of 1000 corpses, Baby’s family is chased from their farm after the authorities finally realize that they are responsible for countless homicides. Arriving at a motel, they take a group of people hostage with terrible consequences for most of the victims.

To bring them to justice, the police employ a pair of hard-nosed bounty hunters who capture and return the family to the farm, torturing them in the same way that they had tortured their own victims. But Baby and her kin have a way of turning the tables and their reign of terror consumes everyone.

3. 31 (2016)

During Halloween 1976, five young people who work at a carnival get more than they bargained for when they are abducted and told to fight for their lives against killer clowns. The game, which is called 31, will last for the next 12 hours while viewers place bets on their survival odds.

The group is hunted through maze-like rooms by the clowns, all the while being forced to kill their attackers. During the next blood-splattered hours, not everyone in their desperate group will survive their macabre fight for survival.

4. Halloween (2007)

Michael Meyers is a disturbed 10-year-old. One night he snaps and murders his older sister and several other people. Committed to an institution, Michael grows up in near-isolation and becomes obsessed with killing and wearing masks.

In this horror classic, fans are treated to Michael’s rampage as he breaks free and goes after his surviving sister, killing everyone who gets in his way.

5. Halloween II (2009)

In this slasher film, a year has passed since Laurie shot and presumably killed her psychotic brother Michael. The teenager is trying to live a normal life but Michael is determined to reunite with his sister, driven by hallucinations of their mother telling him to find Laurie.

As Michael returns to town on Halloween night, Laurie begins to see visions of her brother’s past and finds herself compelled to re-enact the horrors that he had committed. When the siblings finally meet, the bloodshed makes it hard to tell which one of them is the true psychopath.

6. The Lords Of Salem (2013)

In Salem, Massachusetts, Heidi is a DJ at a local radio station and a recovering drug addict. One day, she finds a box containing an album from a group calling themselves “The Lords.” While at home, she listens to the record and experiences demonic visions.

Convinced that nothing is wrong, Heidi plays the record at the station and the music has a strange effect on the women of Salem. But when the band comes to town and host a concert, a terrible curse is about to unfold in Heidi’s life – one that had prophesied her as the mother of the antichrist.

7. The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (2009)

In this animated movie, Rob Zombie’s penchant for the Devil, sex, violence and gore shines ever strong. The storyline tries to follow the attempts of El Superbeasto, an ex-wrestler, to stop Satan from getting married to a stripper. That’s about it. While there is no deep story, all is not lost.

If you are looking for an adults-only cartoon with lots of skeleton Nazis and supernatural creatures doing battle, then give this movie a try.

8. Werewolf Women of the S.S. (2007)

Rob Zombie had fun with this one – but probably did not spend a week working on this “film.” Indeed, when all was said and done all this movie amounted to was a trailer. As it turns out, Zombie purposefully created a fake movie trailer for one of his “lost” films. Although there is no full motion picture here, his fans have enjoyed this quirky addition to Zombie’s film titles.

9. 3 From Hell (2019)

This is the third instalment of the Firefly Trilogy (remember Baby? She’s back…). After being captured, the surviving family members – Baby, her father and her half-brother Otis – are sentenced to life in prison and their father is sentenced to death. After he is executed via lethal injection, Baby’s spiral into insanity intensifies.

Her brother escapes and eventually frees Baby and they cross the border to Mexico. During the Day of the Dead celebrations, they are recognized when they book into the hotel of a small town. The owner of the hotel alerts local roughnecks who decide to tackle the lethal siblings head-on.

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