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The nose is unquestionably the most predominant facial feature. Whether it’s short and fleshy or long and narrow, the nose is the one facial feature that makes the greatest first impressions.

But your nose shape doesn’t just influence your facial appearance and self-esteem. Studies show that various nose types may also reveal a lot about your personality and overall potential.

Nose types are generally characterized depending on the shape of the nasal bone, density of cartilage, and the size of the nasal cavity. The following are the common nose types and what they sniff out about your personality.

1. Greek Nose

Appearance: Straight and narrow in length


The Greek nose originated from ancient Greek sculptures. Also known as straight nose, this nose type is usually symmetrical and creates a desirable harmony with the other facial features. With the right length, width, depth, and cartilage density, the Greek nose doesn’t look weird in anyway. It’s pretty much everyone’s dream.

People with the Greek nose are known to be intelligent, prudent, and practical in their approach to life. Greek nose is also generally observed among people who are loyal, secretive, and introverted.

Celebrities with This Nose Type: American actress Jennifer Aniston, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, and Spanish footballer Cesc Fabregas.

2. Roman Nose/Aquiline Nose

Appearance: A nose with a prominent bridge that gives it a slightly bent or curved appearance


Greeks and Romans share a lot of cultural values. However, those similarities don’t apply to nose shapes. Unlike the Greek nose that’s straight, narrow, and fairly symmetrical, the Roman nose is long and features a downward-sloping tip that makes the nose slightly curved.

People with the Roman nose are said to be headstrong and highly ambitious. They also tend to have incredible organizational skills and are excellent at influencing others to support their cause.

Celebrities with This Nose Type: Canadian actor and musician Ryan Gosling and former Soviet Union ruler Joseph Stalin

3. Nubian Nose

Appearance: A nose with a wider base marked by prominent nostrils and a flatter nose bridge


It doesn’t’ matter whether you’ve been leaning towards the Democrats or Republicans. One uncontestable truth is that former United States President Barack Obama was one of the most charismatic presidents the country has ever known.

It now turns out that Obama’s charisma, as is with other notable charismatic personalities, has a lot to do with his nose shape. Besides charisma, creativity and curiosity are other signature traits of people with Nubian nose.

Celebrities with This Nose Type: Former US President Barack Obama and American singer Beyoncé.

4. Celestial Nose

Appearance: A relatively petite nose with a slightly protruding tip and a slight dent near the middle of the bridge


A celestial nose generally points towards the direction of celestial bodies – upwards.

Also known as ‘turned-up nose,’ the Celestial nose is common among people who’re very optimistic about life. This nose type is also common among warm, friendly, and loyal people.

Celebrities with This Nose Type: American actor and singer Zac Efron, English actress and model Emma Watson, and American actress Emma Stone

5. Snub Nose

Appearance: A small and stubby nose that’s slightly upturned at the tip


Much like the Celestial nose, the Snub nose is small, cute, and slightly upturned at the tip. The fundamental difference between these nose types is that the Snub nose tends to reveal more of the nostrils when viewed from the front.

People with this nose shape tend to be self-driven and fiercely aggressive. Snub noses are also observed among people who are fast-witted. For such people, physical and mental agility comes naturally.

Celebrities with This Nose Type: American actress Jennifer Lawrence, British actor Helen Mirren, and American actress and singer Scarlett Johansson

6. Hawk Nose/Hook Nose

Appearance: Long and narrow, with a bridge that bends downwards


The Hawk nose pretty much takes after the beak of the bird it’s named after. It’s considered one of the rarest nose types, occurring in a paltry 5% of the entire global population.

The Hawk nose is observed among people who are thoughtful and opinionated. Hawk-nosed individuals also tend to be diplomatic, creative, and self-sacrificing.

Celebrities with This Nose Type: American singer and actress Barbra Streisand and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

7. Arched Nose

Appearance: Long and narrow, with a pointed tip


Just like Hooked Nose, the Arched Nose is long, narrow, and curved from the nasal bone. What distinguishes the Arched nose is its prominently pointed tip.

Arched nose is common among people with leadership and managerial skills. Arched-nosed people also tend to be self-driven, efficient, organized, and passionate about their work and the people they value.

Celebrities With This Nose Type: American actress and singer Meryl Streep and American actress and comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus

8. Fleshy Nose

Appearance: Bulgy and protruding


The Fleshy nose is one of the most common nose types, accounting for up to 24% of all nose shapes. It’s characterized by a weak cartilage and fleshy nose tip that’s often curved downwards. Fleshy nose is sometimes colloquially referred to as an Einstein nose as Einstein is the most popular personality who had this nose type.

People with a fleshy nose are noted for their generosity, sensitivity, and emotional intelligence. They also tend to be cautious and do not like being speculative.

Celebrities with This Nose Type: German physicist Albert Einstein and American actor and filmmaker Mark Ruffalo

9. Button Nose

Appearance: Short and dainty, just like a button


The Button Nose is another common nose type, accounting for about 13% of the global population. Button-nosed people are usually determined, strong-willed, often spontaneous but mostly meticulous.

They exercise caution in their decisions and are excellent planners. Although many of their decisions are based on gut feeling, they have a way of discerning which urges to follow and which ones to ignore.

Celebrities with This Nose Type: English footballer Wayne Rooney and English actress Carey Mulligan

10. Straight Nose

Appearance: Wide nostrils with a round tip


Straight Nose is straighter and flatter than other nose shapes. Those who sport this nose type are emotionally continent. They know how to control their emotions and exercise due diligence before making any decision.

Straight-nosed people can be very patient and tolerant too. However, they don’t take lightly unsolicited provocations and can go ballistics whenever they feel the safety of their loved ones is at risk.

Celebrities with This Nose Type: British actress Keira Knightley and American singer Nicole Scherzinger

11. Crooked Nose/Bumpy Nose

Appearance: A nose with a bridge that stands out, with a prominent or subtle curve near the tip


In appearance, Crooked Nose is the exact opposite of Straight Nose. However, the two nose types are associated with similar personalities.

People with Crooked noses are patient and good listeners. They prefer to observe and analyze a situation carefully before forming opinions. Crooked-nosed people will never judge a person or situation based on a one-sided account.

Celebrities with This Nose Type: American actor and filmmaker Owen Wilson and American fashion model and actress Molly Sims

12. Bulbous Nose

Appearance: A nose marked by a rounded, curved tip that often protrudes outwards, creating a bulbous, circular silhouette near the bottom


Considered one of the rarest nose types, Bulbous nose is usually a characteristic of the skin disorder rhinophyma. But when it occurs naturally, a Bulbous nose can symbolize confidence and bravery.

People with this nose type are happy to take head on every challenge that life throws their way.

Celebrities with This Nose Type: Former US President Bill Clinton and Australian actor Leo McKern


It’s important to be proud in your own skin regardless of your nose type. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a rhinoplasty if you feel that your nose doesn’t do justice to your other facial features. Just remember that changing your nose shape won’t necessarily change your personality.

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