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Last Updated on March 30, 2022

Nicholas Sparks rose to fame after he wrote several best-selling novels, the most noteworthy of which are “Message in a Bottle,” and “The Notebook.” Sparks is also a screenwriter which is probably apt as plenty of his books has been turned into memorable movies.

If you love the novels and want to dip your toe into the more visual side of Sparks movies, then you are certainly in the right place!

1. The Notebook (2004)

In 1940, two teenagers meet in South Carolina and fall in love. But since Noah Calhoun is poor, Allison “Allie” Hamilton’s wealthy parents cause a rift between them. The lovers regret the breakup but Allie’s family and World War II keep them apart.

Years later, the now-engaged Allie returns to Carolina to be with Noah forever. In the present day, the elderly Noah reads their love story from a notebook to Allie, who has dementia, so that she can remember their life together.

2. A Walk to Remember (2002)

In this coming-of-age romantic drama, Landon Carter is part of his high school’s popular crowd. But during a prank on a nerd, the latter is seriously injured and Carter is given a choice – face the legal consequences or participate in the school’s play. Choosing the latter, he seeks tutoring from a girl called Jamie Sullivan to help him practise.

They fall in love but their romance is hampered by Carter’s shame of having feelings for a girl his friends like to bully and the discovery that Jamie is terminally ill.

3. The Lucky One (2012)

Logan Thibault is a US marine who, in the aftermath of a deadly attack in Iraq, finds the photo of a young woman. When the photo saves his life, Logan begins to see her as his lucky charm. After several tours, he returns home with severe PTSD and decides to find her.

When he tracks her down, Beth Green is a woman with her own problems including a troublesome family life and a dead brother. But as they spend time together, the pair begins to see new hope despite new hurdles and their own grief.

4. Safe Haven (2013)

Erin, a severely abused wife, stabs her husband in self-defense and in a panic, she flees her Boston home. Arriving in the small town of Southport, she assumes the name of Katie and meets Alex Wheatley, a widower with two kids.

Katie has to choose between staying on the run, believing that she has killed her husband, and starting a new life with Alex. But when she decides to stay, Katie’s past catches up with her on one terrifying night.

5. Dear John (2010)

This romantic drama follows a pair of star-crossed lovers, a soldier named John Tyree and college student Savannah Curtis. They fall in love and go on several dates. However, their lives take different paths as John enlists in several military tours and after years, Savannah eventually marries someone else.

Years later, John has to go home to be with his dying father and realize that his feelings for Savannah are still strong. The story follows a couple’s trials and tribulations without resorting to affairs or violence.

6. Message In A Bottle (1999)

When Theresa Osborne finds a bottle on the beach, she is surprised to find a message inside. The paper contains a love letter addressed to a woman called Catherine. Intrigued, she shows her friends at the Chicago Tribune and they publish the letter. The response from the public not only boosts Theresa’s career but an anonymous person also sends two more letters.

When the writer is identified as Garrett Blake from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Theresa goes there to investigate the story. But when they meet, their attraction is threatened by Garrett’s grief for his late wife and that he never gave permission for the letters to be published.

7. Nights In Rodanthe (2008)

Adrienne Willis is not in a good place. Her cheating husband wants to come back home and she doesn’t get along with her teenage daughter. To clear her mind and decide whether she wants to give her marriage another go, Adrienne agrees to look after a friend’s bed and breakfast inn in Rodanthe, North Carolina.

Although the stay is only for the weekend, she meets the love of her love. Paul Flanner is a surgeon struggling with the loss of a patient and the backlash from her family but as they try to protect the inn from a storm, Paul and Adrienne realize that life can start over with someone new.

8. The Choice (2016)

When Travis Shaw and Gabby Holland meet, it is not the perfect moment. Although attracted to each other, she is annoyed by his loud backyard party. Gabby is also engaged to her longtime boyfriend. But when the latter leaves town on business, Gabby starts spending more time with Travis and they fall in love.

This love story follows years of struggle to become a happy family as Gabby has to choose between the two men and at one point, the choice becomes Travis’s and this time, he has to choose whether to take Gabby off life support or not.

9. The Best Of Me (2014)

Dawson and Amanda are highschools sweethearts but during an attempt to free himself of his family’s criminal ring, Dawson accidentally kills someone and goes to prison. He cuts ties with Amanda and years later, he is released and ends up working on an oil rig. When he returns home to scatter a good friend’s ashes, he meets the now-married Amanda and their feelings flare up again.

But Dawson’s family is not quite done with him. Still determined to make him pay for leaving, his father and brothers plot to murder him.

10. The Last Song (2010)

At 17, Veronica Miller is angry at the world. She still hasn’t forgiven her parents for divorcing and to spite her father, who had raised her as a piano prodigy, she refuses to touch the instrument. But during one summer, she and her brother have to spend time with their father in Georgia. There, Veronica meets Will Blakelee and the sparks fly.

However, Veronica has to deal with the news that her father is terminally ill, that Will might not be the man she thought he was, and that forgiveness is the key to her happiness.

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