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Last Updated on April 7, 2022

The launch of Apple’s new iOS update, the iOS 14, has been a game-changer in terms of customization. Now, users would be able to see important apps at a glance, create more diverse Memojis, and personalize their home screens. The latter is very appealing, especially if you love showcasing your individuality.

Start with the easy tasks, like prioritizing which widgets you want to see often. They have their own home screen now, so you don’t need to spend crucial minutes looking for Carrot Weather when you need it. Another thing that might tickle your fancy is customizing your iOS app icons.

Before Buying Icon Sets

Before you get too excited, be sure to read a bit on how to customize your favorite apps. First, identify the ones you use frequently. Second, shop around for sets that contain all the icons you need. The last thing you want is an app that looks out of place. Other tips include:

  • Remember that these custom icons may take a while to launch. That’s because they are merely a shortcut to the actual app.
  • There will be NO red notification badges. So if you’re a busy bee who likes to keep on top of things, you may want to re-think if you still want to customize your app icons.
  • It’s time-consuming to do it. If you have a LOT of apps, then expect to spend hours personalizing each icon.

Lastly, make sure to download the Widgetsmith app so you can change fonts and colors as you please.

How To Customize Your iOS App Icons

After purchasing and downloading an icon set, it’s time to do the work.

  • First, open Shortcuts and tap Add (+).
  • Select Add Action, then Open App, and Choose the app you want.
  • From the menu option (three dots) tap Add to Home Screen.
  • From the app icon, you should see a popup menu for selecting the custom icon. This should be on your Files or Photos app.
  • To avoid mistaking it for another software on your iPhone, name the shortcut after the app (ex. Icon with an ‘F’ is usually for Facebook, or ‘N’ for Netflix).
  • Tap Add to finish putting it to your Home screen. You can move it around until you place it exactly where you need it to be.
  • Repeat the process for every app icon you want to personalize.

Don’t envy your friends with creative iPhone home screens. Download these beautiful iOS 14 icon sets to start making your own!

Best iOS 14 Icon Sets

1. Boho iOS 14 App Icons

Created by TheWayfarerShoppe, this pack features more than 50 ready-to-use icons for your device. There are also 4 different colors to choose from! That’s a total of over 200 files to beautify your home screen. The installation guide is included in the download so you don’t need to worry if you’re a beginner. Grab this product for an authentic boho chic look that always looks amazing.

Download Boho iOS 14 App Icons

2. iOS Autumn Aesthetic App Icons

Can’t get over autumn? If Fall is your favorite season, then this icon set is for you. Brought to you by Ellen Artworks, it contains 90 images in PNG format and one instructions file. Pair it with a Fall themed wallpaper (think: your favorite candles, orange and brown leaves, piping hot coffee!) and you’re ready to get cozy anytime.

Download iOS Autumn Aesthetic App Icons

3. iOS 14 App Icons & Quotes

Something new from AyaLormus: down-to-earth icons with wallpaper quotes! This iOS 14 icon set is perfect for people who need a little pick-me-up, especially on Mondays. Open your phone and be instantly inspired thanks to 5 wallpapers with quotes in 4 colors, 80 lovely icons, plus 5 images with quotes for widgets.

Download IOS 14 App Icons & Quotes

4. Coral Reef iOS 14 iPhone App Icons

BLDGtheBoutique proudly presents this shining icon set featuring 91 aesthetic app icons in pastel colors, 5widget icons, 6 quotes, and 2 backgrounds. The subtle palette will instantly uplift your mood and remind you of sweet mornings. Now you can create those beautiful home screens you’ve always envied on TikTok – but better!

Download Coral Reef iOS 14 iPhone App Icons

5. iOS 14 Pastel Icon Pack

Don’t be limited to black, white, and grey. With Yung’s icon pack, you can choose from Midnight Green, Rose Gold, or Sky Blue to customize your home screen. With more than 100 icons as well as lifetime updates, what more could you want?

Download iOS 14 Pastel Icon Pack

6. iOS 14 Icon Bundle

White Hart Design Co. brings to you 86 charming icons in 8 minimalist colors. This uncluttered aesthetic is ideal for the busy working girl boss with a lot on her mind. Mix and match to suit your tastes, or stick to one color and show off your unassuming style.

Download iOS 14 Icon Bundle

7. iOS 14 Minimal Dark & Blue & Light

Go from Light to Dark to Blue anytime you want with this pack from FerdiCildiz. Featuring 70 high quality icons in 3 styles (Minimal Dark, Minimal Light, Minimal Blue), this is proof that ‘less is more’. Focus on what you need to get done and let your home screen do the talking.

Download iOS 14 Minimal Dark & Blue & Light

8. NUDE Theme iOS 14 App Icon Pack

Are you a fan of neutral or earth tones? Then you will love this product from The Creative Jam Co. You get 800 app icons in 6 sexy nude shades, alphabet icons (to use when you don’t see an icon available for the app, or just because!), plus 15 bonus widget icons.

Download NUDE Theme iOS 14 App Icon Pack

9. 100 Neon iPhone iOS 14 App Icons

Light up your home screen using these awesome neon app icons! Pack includes 100 images that can look either vintage or modern, depending on the overall vibe that you want to go for.

Download 100 Neon iPhone iOS 14 App Icons

10. Neutral Tone Aesthetic iOS 14 icons

Understated doesn’t need to mean bland or boring. Prove that simple is beautiful in this icon bundle with 145 high-resolution PNG images, 7 widget photos, 5 line wallpapers, and a bonus of 3 photo wallpapers. Clean, classy, and chic, it’s the perfect pack for discerning millennials.

Download Neutral Tone Aesthetic iOS 14 icons

11. iOS 14 Iphone Icon Bundle/PNG Grey

Not many people can appreciate the modest magnificence of the color gray. But in this unassuming icon pack from KruthDesign, you will see what we mean. Grab it today and revel in its simple icon images with a handcrafted feel, 3 minimalist wallpapers, as well as 6 graphics. Straightforward yet delightful, this is the perfect bundle for the unpretentious.

Download iOS 14 Iphone Icon Bundle/PNG grey

12. Aesthetic IOS 14 Icons Set

Make your home screen bloom in this lovely product from Creatoom. We’re talking over 50 custom icons in 4 styles and 8 stylish backgrounds – all bathed in wonderful pastel hues. You will also receive access to future updates for your convenience. Whether you’re a young student or simply young at heart, you’ll be glad you downloaded this.

Download Aesthetic IOS 14 icons set

13. iOS 14 Luxury iPhone App Icons

What makes something a luxury? More than its looks, it’s the craftsmanship. Featuring over 150 beautiful monochrome app icons and wallpaper designed by industry professionals at Homescreen Pro, this bundle is definitely top of the line. The pack also contains carefully tinted versions of every app icon so they look perfect in your iPhone Dock.

Download iOS 14 Luxury iPhone App Icons

14. Grace iOS 14 App Icons 1100+ Icons

Choose between elegant light or luscious chocolate brown when you download this iOS 14 icon set. With a whopping 1123 icons in 18 categories, plus 2 styles, 2 backgrounds, and 8 pictures for widgets, it’s hard not to get addicted.

Download Grace iOS 14 App Icons 1100+ Icons

15. iOS 14 Retro Home Screen Icons

Miss everything from the 50s or 60s? Why not bring back the classics using these fantastic retro home screen icons from Luna Studio. That’s 100 icons with multiple colorful and fun vintage styles to select from. Bold and playful, these images will surely bring a smile to your face every time you open your phone.

Download iOS 14 Retro Home Screen Icons

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