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Are you a Capricorn? Do you know any friends born between December 22 and January 19? We’re going to unveil some interesting facts and figures about Capricorns, some of them that might come as a surprise to you!

Capricorns are generally hard-working and responsible people; they value time which enables them to become independent and unrestrained. 

Let’s find out more about them below.

Capricorn Highlights

  • Dates: 22nd December till 19th January
  • Element: Earth
  • Symbol: Sea Goat
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • House ruled: 10th
  • Ruling planet: Saturn
  • Keyword: Achievehard-working
  • Lucky number: 4
  • Color: Brown and grey
  • Qualities: Ambitious, Focused, Practical, Materialistic, Robust, Socially responsible, Traditional
  • Weaknesses: Easily irritated, moody, grudge-bearing, not accustomed to changes

12 Signs of a True Capricorn


Capricorns are highly ambitious and hard-working. In fact, they are the most workaholic of all zodiac signs. They find comfort in working long hours, knowing that their hard work is carving a pathway for success ahead in life.

They harness patience and consistency in their work ethic, making them excellent employees.


They take life very seriously; a lack of humor accompanies this trait. Most Capricorns have a bone-dry sense of humor! 

However, some Capricorns have a savagely sarcastic sense of humor, which might be too much to handle for some people!


Capricorns do not express their feelings bluntly. It takes time for them to open up and build trust, making them one of the most reserved people you might have come across!

Capricorns hide their feelings because it puts them in a state of vulnerability, an insecurity they do not want the world to witness.


Capricorns are responsible individuals. They like to incorporate organization and discipline in all aspects of life.

Their knack for resourcefulness and patience gives them the potential to handle tricky situations and tasks.


This goal-oriented zodiac sign plans to achieve a lot in life. Their determination towards success is commendable.

One of their most prized qualities is their refusal to give up, even when all others have backed out from hurdles and challenges.


Even though Capricorn is a highly ambitious and hard-working zodiac sign, it tends to manifest a lot of self-doubts.

They find themselves comparing their life achievements with their peers, which makes them feel afloat and aimless. 


Call them conservative or conventional; Capricorns feel a solid connection to their roots. Their culture and hereditary values hold a special place in their heart.

They love celebrating holidays the ‘old school’ way; the way their ancestors used to celebrate them. 


By now, it must be pretty obvious that this zodiac sign has a knack to hit the bar high. Their sheer determination and valiant efforts ensure their independence.

A Capricorn is more likely to become independent earlier than the other zodiac signs.


Oh yes, this star is associated with tenacity at its finest. Capricorns have a tenacious personality, and they will not let go of something they have set their mind to.

This trait, however, also makes them as stubborn as a mule! You will find it hard to coax Capricorns out of something, especially when they’ve made their decision final.


Some people term Capricorns ‘ruthless’ because they will not care about anyone or anything that comes in the way of their goal.


A lot of their goals and motives are met with a negative attitude. Capricorns will not fail to cease the darker side of an aspect.

Their self-doubt and vulnerability make them pessimistic zodiac signs. Here’s a video that unveils their darker side!


This may come off as harsh, but Capricorns are materialistic people. They are also very rigid and sometimes greedy.

They believe that the only way to succeed is by working on themselves without regarding the sentiments of others. This also caters to serious trust issues for them.

Characteristics of a Female Capricorn

Qualities of a Female Capricorn

Female Capricorns are practical and independent individuals. Unlike most females, they will prove to be sufficient for themself. 

Their discipline and sense of responsibility allow them to handle their emotions intelligently.  They take work very seriously and like to spend their free time doing something productive.

Even though they are emotional and sensitive, they tend to bottle up their feelings tightly. It takes a lot of time and investment to get female Capricorns to open up. They also have a fair amount of trust issues.

They make great life partners because of their realistic approach to life. They are responsible and hardworking individuals who will always support you, but only if you have managed to gain their trust. 

Weaknesses of a Female Capricorn

These females come off as dispassionate and cold when it comes to emotions. They find it difficult to relay their feelings unbarred and filterless. 

Men find it hard to cope with Capricorn females because they seldom let anyone probe into their feelings.

Their self-determination and will to achieve higher come with traits of rigidity and stubbornness. It is hard to satisfy Capricorn females.

At times, one may also perceive them as the most unforgiving individuals to have set foot on this planet!

Capricorn Females in Love

Capricorn females restrict themselves in love. They are hesitant and shy. However, they have untapped passion and immense romance dwelling within!

It takes time to escalate the romance in a relationship, so their partners need to move slowly and patiently.

Loyalty runs deep to the core in Capricorn females, which is why they make excellent long-term partners.

Characteristics of a Male Capricorn

Qualities of a Male Capricorn

Capricorn males work hard and dream less, making their approach towards life very realistic and practical.

They are in a constant struggle to shape themselves into a man of steel! They set realistic goals and ambitions for them to bag. You will find them talking about ways to enhance productivity and pathways that lead to success.

Unlike most stars, a Capricorn male has a respectable amount of self-control. Their fetishes and urges won’t let them jeopardize their career.

Weaknesses of a Male Capricorn

People find Capricorn males quite condescending. They spend a lot of time forging a perfect version of themselves, and it comes with a territory! Capricorn males act like stubborn ‘know it alls’.

Capricorn males also find it hard to let bygones be bygones. They hold grudges and find it hard to forgive those who have wronged them.

They are brutally critical, not just to others but to themselves too. They doubt their capabilities, making them their biggest critic.

Capricorn Males in Love

Capricorn males believe material can buy happiness. New jackets, phones, cars – you name it! They love new and blingy stuff. Their partners are likely to receive more presents than love and affection.

Like Capricorn females, they find it hard to open up quickly. However, they love receiving unfiltered and raw love; pure love holds great value to them.

Ask Away: The FAQ Section

Who is most compatible with Capricorns?

  • Virgo
  • Taurus

What does a Capricorn woman want in a man?

Capricorns are very traditional. They like men who value and respect their family along with their traditions. They wish to receive respect and loyalty in their purest form.

Can Capricorns and Leo be friends?

Capricorns and Leos are very determined and ambitious star signs. They share a common affinity for hard work and resourcefulness. Together they can achieve a lot in life.

Who is the least compatible with Capricorns?

  • Aries
  • Libra
  • Pisces
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