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Last Updated on April 18, 2022

Slavic brides have always been desired by Western men. Even before the internet, countless Western guys regarded Slavic mail order brides as the epitome of beauty, class, and strong family values. However, their popularity truly skyrocketed since the invention of online dating.

These days, you can find a Slavic wife without even leaving your home. International dating is incredibly popular among hot Slavic women for marriage, so there will be no shortage of women who will love a chance to get to know you. But which Slavic bride to choose, where to find her, and how to date her? These are the questions we’ll answer with our today’s guide.

Best international dating sites with Slavic women

Slavic dating sites: more details about each website

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JollyRomance is a dating site with Slavic brides that is designed for serious dating and chatting. It works on a credit basis, but the membership on the site is free. JollyRomance has a strong reputation and thousands of Slavic girls for marriage.

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UkraineBride4You is a Slavic women dating site that has been around for years and is responsible for countless success stories. The site provides paid features that require credits and also allows you to upgrade your experience with a Premium membership.

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BravoDate is one of the leading sites for dating Slavic women online. It has an appealing interface, a fully functional mobile version, and a variety of communication features to help you make the right impression on a girl and develop a relationship.

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This is a site that gives you a chance to do exactly what it says in the title: meet Slavic girls for long-term dating, online chatting, or even marriage. MeetSlavicGirls has an impressive audience of beautiful Slavic girls who actively reach out to Western men.

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AmourFactory is a trusted dating service for meeting Slavic mail order brides. It doesn’t promise you that you will definitely find a wife or a partner. Instead, it gives you all the tools you need to have a successful online dating experience that can potentially grow into something bigger.

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If your goal is to meet a Slavic mail order bride, then SingleSlavic is undoubtedly a place where you need to be. It has all the features you need for any stage of a relationship, from saying hi to the woman who caught your attention to sending her a bouquet of roses for your anniversary.

Image Source: JollyRomance

Which countries are known for their beautiful Slavic women?

Generally speaking, Slavic countries include a wide range of countries all over Europe. There are approximately 350 million Slavs all over the world. However, when we think about sexy Slavic women for marriage, we typically don’t imagine Greek or German members of the Slavic population.

So who are those hot Slavic girls you can meet on international dating services? Of course, thanks to the internet being available in every corner of Europe, there is no problem with meeting Slavic mail order brides even from the most distant countries. However, the five most popular Slavic countries for meeting Slavic mail order brides are as follows.

  1. Russia, where over 78 million women currently live.
  2. Ukraine, which has a female population of over 22 million.
  3. Poland, a place where over 19 million women live.
  4. The Czech Republic, whose female population is over 5.5 million.
  5. Belarus is a country with more than 5 million female citizens.

Still, it’s essential to understand that not all of these women are actively trying to move abroad for marriage. Many of them are perfectly happy where they are and successfully build relationships with local guys. At the same time, the attraction between single Slavic ladies and Western men has always been exceptionally strong. There are thousands of these unions created every year, and many of them begin online, so there is a good chance you can find a Slavic wife if you use the right dating sites.

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How popular are Slavic brides among Western men?

It doesn’t take a geopolitical expert to understand that marriages between Slavic women and Western men are very popular right now. It’s not a new trend: marriage agencies have existed long before the internet, but there weren’t as many options to calculate the exact number of Slavic brides who marry Western guys.

These days, however, the statistics are clear. Over 2,700 women from Europe obtained K-1 visas and moved to the US to marry American men – source. Most of these women come from Slavic countries, especially Ukraine, Russia, and Poland. And that number does not include women who moved to other Western countries or married Western guys in their home cities and immigrated abroad as lawful wives of the citizens of those countries.

Moreover, according to the statistics, 8 in 10 mail order marriages last over a year. It means that the absolute majority of Slavic mail order brides are entering these marriages to stay married and build their own families, not disappearing at the first convenient moment.

Where to meet single Slavic ladies when you live abroad?

Decades ago, the only real way to find yourself a Slavic wife was to go to that country and meet the women there. However, this method obviously had its flaws. This is why thousands of Western men were ecstatic when online dating became a thing. 

Right now, there is no need for you to go anywhere to meet single Slavic ladies. All you need to do is find the right Slavic dating site for your needs and create your own love story with a Slavic mail order bride.

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What makes Slavic mail order wives so popular?

When you plan to date Slavic brides, you want to know as much as possible about your future partner. Here are 3 facts to get you started.

Hot Slavic brides are absolutely irresistible

Everything about Slavic girls, from their dreamy appearance to their stunning bodies, as well as their femininity, grace, and even body language, makes you fall in love with them in a matter of minutes.

Slavic brides are kind and understanding

When you are together with a Slavic mail-order bride, you won’t need to try too hard to get her to like you. These women will never play with your feelings, and they are prepared to always take your side in any situation.

Slavic women are loyal beyond belief

Loyalty can be the second name of Slavic brides. When these ladies promise commitment to someone, they absolutely mean it. A Slavic girlfriend will stand by her man through anything and will never give him a reason to doubt her.

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What men should know before dating Slavic women

Sexy Slavic women are not difficult to date at all, and generally, Slavic girls make the best girlfriends because they are loyal and considerate. However, before dating a woman from a completely different culture, you need to know a few things about the way things are done in Slavic countries.

  1. A Slavic girl expects you to take the first step. She may indicate her interest indirectly, for example, by sending you an emoji, but she wants you to reach out to her, not the other way around.
  2. You need to be a proper gentleman at all times. It means that risky jokes and rude language are completely out of the question, as is lewd behavior.
  3. Putting extra effort into the dates is essential. A walk in the park with coffee to go will not cut it, especially in the early stages of the relationship. Creativity and taking her interests into account will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Planning is good, but spontaneity is better. Of course, you are two busy individuals who may not have all the time in the world for dating. However, in addition to scheduling dates a week in advance, you should leave some room for spontaneity.
  5. Meet her parents and friends early on. The approval of your Slavic bride’s social circle, which is not that hard to get if you’re a decent person, will mean a lot for the success of your relationship.
  6. Never underestimate the power of a good gift. A Slavic mail order bride doesn’t expect extravagant, expensive gifts for every date, but a bouquet of her favorite flowers or a good book never hurts.
  7. Let her know she can count on you. Attractive Slavic women are not just looking for a temporary partner or a lover. They are looking for someone they can rely on, so show her you’re the right person for her.
  8. Slavic mail order bride

Image Source: UkraineBride4You

Do Slavic women make good wives?

Dating Slavic women is an all-around fantastic experience, but gorgeous Slavic women have every reason for you to adore them. By the way, you can also check out some Ukraine dating sites in case you are interested in single Ukrainian ladies and Ukrainian brides.

Slavic women for marriage truly enjoy housework

This may seem minor, but Slavic wives are never trying to escape their house duties. On the contrary, they embrace their roles as hearth keepers and genuinely enjoy making home life better for their loved ones.

Slavic wives are amazing as mothers

Slavic culture is very children-centric, and there are very few women who consider themselves to be child-free. A typical Slavic bride simply cannot wait to start her family, and she is 100% committed to being a great mother.

A Slavic wife is also your best friend

Being married to a Slavic mail order wife is not just about romance or sharing housework. It’s about being there for each other. A Slavic wife will always understand you and never judge you. You can tell her anything and expect a thoughtful, insightful response every time.

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Wrapping up

Slavic women dating is one of the best things that can happen to a guy at any age, and it’s even better when it leads to a successful, loving marriage. We firmly believe that there is a perfect Slavic bride for everyone, so no matter what you are looking for in life, one of our recommended dating sites will become the start of your new relationship.


What is a Slavic woman?

A Slavic woman is a female from a Slavic country. These countries include Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, and a few other locations. In terms of international dating, a Slavic mail-order wife is a young lady from Europe who wants to meet a foreign husband and move with him abroad. This goes for Ukrainian brides, Russian brides, Belarus brides, and other Slavic women

Where are Slavic women from?

A Slavic woman may come from over a dozen countries, from the former USSR countries to Bosnia and Slovakia. However, we traditionally think of Slavic girls as females from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and a few other Eastern European countries closest to the first three.

What do Slavic women look like?

Slavic girls can be very diverse-looking, and it’s even more apparent in recent years when these women have become more willing to experiment with their appearance. However, the typical look of a Slavic lady includes light skin, blonde or light brown hair, green or blue eyes, mild facial features, a minimal amount of makeup, and a lean but curvy body.

How to meet Slavic women?

There is always an option to visit one of the Slavic countries and meet the women in real life, but this option is associated with high costs and doesn’t always bring the desired results. You have a much better chance of meeting a Slavic girl if you use international dating sites, where women are specifically looking for Western partners.

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