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Last Updated on April 27, 2022

Congratulations, your family is now about to get bigger!

You and your partner are about to go over a huge milestone in life – adding a new member to your household. You’re probably so ecstatic, you’ll want to message everyone in your email list right away. In truth, there’s no real rule preventing you from doing so. Make the announcement whenever you feel comfortable to do so.

In the age of social media though, it can be a slippery slope when it comes to declaring such great news. It’s a good idea to be mindful of what we post online.

Here are a couple of tips to help you make the best choices:

When To Announce Pregnancy on Social Media

Odds are you found out you were pregnant together with your spouse. But if not, you can always surprise him! That will probably be your first pregnancy announcement.

According to Dr. David Garry, maternal-fetal medicine specialist, it’s good to wait until 14 weeks to make your news public. Some women choose to wait until 20 weeks as well. This is because the risk of miscarriage is high during the first trimester.

Of course, you’ll want to tell immediate family members (i.e. you and your partner’s parents) and maybe a few close friends sooner. Many couples do this so they can have people to lean on – should something happen. There are those who decide not to post anything online until birth, too.

Do’s and Don’ts for Announcing Pregnancy To Family

There’s an unspoken hierarchy when it comes to telling people you’re pregnant.

Obviously, your partner or spouse comes first (unless he knows already). Next are immediate family members. These include you and your spouse’s parents, any siblings, aunts, uncles, or even select cousins. Next are your close and most trusted friends. Last would be acquaintances or friends you haven’t talked to in a while.

It’ll be awkward (or even hurtful) if your family found out through the grapevine. It’s always great to deliver the news in person (whenever possible). A phone call or video chat works just as well, especially for long-distance families. For your best friends, a phone call or group message is acceptable.

At work, make sure to tell your boss first. Don’t feel pressured to tell everyone about your bundle of joy. Acquaintances can receive the news through word-of-mouth (because you’re not close anyway). If there are certain people you’d like out of the loop, mention this to your family and friends. Remember: it’s your pregnancy. You decide who gets to know and when.

How To Pick The Right Pregnancy Announcement

There’s no right or wrong way of doing it. Perhaps the only thing you need to consider is that some of your friends or co-workers on social media may still be trying. They will undoubtedly be super happy for you! Do keep them in your thoughts nonetheless.

For close family and friends, you can be as creative or as wild as you want. They’ll surely love your antics or unfiltered ideas. Still haven’t broken the news to your significant other? Then make it extra special with a good ol’ surprise! You can also just keep it casual or private (especially for folks who don’t like surprises).

Talk to your spouse or partner. Maybe they have a particular concept in mind. Pick a theme together! This can be exciting, particularly if you’re due around the holidays. For revealing gender, you can choose to say this separately or along with the pregnancy announcement. It’s totally up to you in the end.

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

It’s not every day you get to tell people that you’re expecting – so make the most of it. Social media announcements are just one of the numerous ways to do so. It’s the quickest method, too! But you can also say it through invitations or simply through word-of-mouth.

Whatever you choose, let these cute pregnancy announcement ideas be your inspiration.

1. Merrier Holidays

Credits to Studio Pineapple via The Bump

Add a special ornament to your tree this year. Even better: gift one to future grandparents!

2. Stop Asking

Credits to LynnAndLeeCo via What Moms Love

This delightful onesie is for those who won’t stop prying about your pregnancy.

3. Bigger Boat

Credits to Little Dove Blog via What Moms Love

Subtle but effective, this announcement makes your kids the focus of an adventure in the making.

4. Bump!

Credits to Rose Rock Photography via What Moms Love

Bumps are part of life; but some bumps are more welcome than others.

5. Spilled Beans

Credits to sageandolives via The Bump

Coffee drinkers will love this caffeine-inspired pregnancy announcement that’s too cute not to share!

6. Eviction Notice

Credits to Bright Star Kids

There’s no easy way to tell a kid that he needs to give up his spot as the family’s ‘baby’.

7. The Force

Credits to Charityrockey via The Bump

After Luke, Leia, and baby Yoda, we’re super excited to meet the fourth member of the Force!

8. Speechless

Credits to A O’Brien Photography via Pregnant Chicken

Sometimes, the news is too shocking for words.

9. Ready Player 3

Credits to KarlitasKreations via The Bump

Matching family shirts are the way to go to show how proud you both are of your new bundle of joy.

10. Morning Mug

Credits to BelightfulStyle via The Bump

Surprise future grandparents and in-laws with a practical pregnancy announcement.

11. Jack O’ Lantern

Credits to TDCJason via Pregnant Chicken

Something wicked this way comes indeed in this Halloween-inspired photoshoot.

12. Vanilla Ice

Credits to Mama Bee via Pregnant Chicken

Sing it if you remember this song!

13. Movie Buff

Credits to AnchorandSalt via The Bump

Announce the next chapter in your life with this awesome template that’s easily available online.

14. Fast Food Lovers

Credits to Sydney Paige via What Moms Love

Which came first: the chicken or the nugget? You family and friends are about to find out soon enough.

15. Numbers

Credits to ArielCTyson via What Moms Love

Show how much your amazing family is growing with numbers on the wall.

16. Worth Waiting

Credits to Lexi Warren via Bright Star Kids

Personalize a onesie for the big reveal. You can also gift these to Grandma and Grandpa.

17. Fur Friends

Credits to brittanyeliseanderson via Bright Star Kids

Don’t forget your fur kids – it’s not going to be so easy on them with the new addition.

18. Retro

Credits to Steffkla via The Bump

This blast-from-the-past photo is going to be a beautiful reminder in the future.

19. Service

Credits to Mom Loves Best

Colonel Teddy can’t wait for the arrival of his new recruit!

20. Chalk Announcement

Credits to Bright Star Kids

No time to pick a theme for your pregnancy announcement? Tiny cute shoes say it best.

21. Big Sister

Credits to One Little Project via Bright Star Kids

Let your eldest declare the big news for you in this simple yet colorful concept.

22. Only Child

Credits to Give It Love via Bright Star Kids

This funny photoshoot is bound to be a big hit with grandma and grandpa!

23. Stock Up

Credits to Carlinbates98 via What Moms Love

Surprise everyone with a trip to the store to show that you’re stocking up for your new bundle of joy.

24. Shocked

Credits to Pregnant Chicken

Everyone will be just as shocked as these folks when they hear the big news!

25. Future Daddy

Credits to Kara Quinn Photography via The Bump

Haven’t told your partner or spouse yet? Why not surprise him during the photoshoot!

26. Ghibli Baby

Credits to Khrystynakv via What Moms Love

Let the spirit forest guard your lucky baby as you prepare it for the world.

27. Little Spoon

Credits to Samirahcollections via The Bump

Expecting twins? This subtle announcement will have everyone exclaiming ‘aww’!

28. A Little Math

Credits to Bright Star Kids

Whether you’re having twins or not, this cute idea is simple yet memorable.

29. Twins

Credits to Sisanie via Mom Loves Best

It can be a huge surprise for parents to be expecting twins – but it’s double the blessings, too.

30. No Drinking

Credits to The Pretty Little Mess via The Bump

Serve this tongue-in-cheek labeled wine to guests and see how long it takes for them to get the surprise!

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