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Spiders are everywhere. They cling to every continent, ceiling corner and garden vine. But did one just cross over into your dreams? The spider is a rich and powerful symbol that should not be ignored. So, without further ado, let’s see why your subconscious is reaching out to you with this animal sign.

When Dreams Are Just Dreams

The fear of spiders is widespread. Even those who do not truly fear arachnids are not impressed by the beady eyes, hairy legs and the venomous fangs of some species. You might dislike spiders purely because they leave webs everywhere (nobody loves dusting away high cobwebs). 

Whatever the reason for keeping these arachnids at an arm’s length, it can register with your subconscious that they are not your favorite creatures. 

Inevitably, one night, you will dream about a spider. It can be a nightmare because spiders are your phobia or just a random thing your mind decided to throw into the dream’s jumbled storyline. Sometimes, dreams are just that. They are merely reflections of fears, dislikes and encounters from real life. In that case, the universe is not sending you dream-mail with a message. 

When Dreams Are Messages

But when is a dream-spider filled with meaning? If you experienced any of the following, then read on to learn more about the symbolism of spiders.

  • You cannot stop thinking about the dream.
  • There’s a deep sense of connection.
  • You feel convinced the spider was more than just an ordinary animal.
  • The dream was unusually sharp and clear.
  • You experienced strong emotions during the dream.

Webs Are a Warning

Did your eight-legged guest bring along its web? This could mean that you risk getting caught in a sticky situation. Just like a spider’s real prey, you might not see the web – and the weaver – until it’s too late. 

Reassess your life to see which friends or coworkers are toxic and who are capable of leading you down the wrong path. A web can also signify that you are creating your own suffocating life and need to escape or change your ways.

Unleash Yourself

Seeing a spider in a dream can also signal the need to experience freedom from oppression. In other words, the creature is something important to you that is being suppressed. Are you in a toxic relationship, or are you ignoring your true self or the goals that you are most passionate about? 

Worse, are you suppressing something vital in someone else’s life? Whether you or someone else is being held down, so to speak, the message here is to break the chains of control. Devise a safe plan to leave an abusive relationship or workplace, or if you are the one smothering someone else, let them live their life.

Killing a Spider

Did you smash the spider with a baseball bat? This type of dream can have several meanings. It can signal the end of a toxic relationship or a serious problem. It can also signal the fact that you are destroying an important part of your own protection, passions and creativity. The worst meaning predicts a future misfortune that will be very upsetting. 

A Spider Invaded Your Personal Space

Did that goober cling to your arm – or, heaven forbid, your face? Similar to other spider dreams, this uncomfortable memory can have different interpretations. It could be trying to alert you to an unhealthy co-dependence in one of your relationships. When a spider slowly stalks up to you, it can also be a warning that someone or something is making the first moves in real life to cause trouble. 

Pro Tip: Remember, dream symbols are not set in stone. When you get a negative message, use the information to protect yourself before the predicted problem becomes reality. 

Running Away From a Spider

Contrary to what you might think, you are not fleeing a bad situation or enemy. When a spider chases you, this dream has one meaning – to stop and face the music. 

The main theme here is that running away from responsibilities is not doing you any good. You know what those responsibilities are. Whether you need to spend more quality time with family, or stop risky behaviors, or pay your bills before you buy that fancy thing, we all have adulting to do. This dream is telling you to grow up and carry your weight in relationships and the workplace, and also to take the necessary steps to reach your goals.

A Spider Bite

Did the spider sink its fangs into your arm? Did it bite someone else? When you are the victim, the spider could be trying to tell you that someone is abusing your good nature. You need to reassess your relationships to discover who is basically sponging on you or trying to selfishly manipulate you for their own benefit. 

If the spider attacked a loved one, then someone has them in their crosshairs. This shady individual is looking to drag them down, break their confidence or humiliate them (either at home or the office). 

The Spider is Clearly Dangerous

Some dream-spiders just sit there and do nothing. But they exude a terrifying aura. You just know that the creature is bad news. If you dream of a venomous spider or experience negative emotions, then heed this dream as a warning. There is a chance that a person or event is poised to poison your life. Take the necessary measures to protect you and your family against any threats. 

Lots of Spiders

This can be a difficult dream to decode. But here’s the trick. Whenever you’re unsure of whether this is a good or bad dream, tap into the emotions the event provoked. Did you feel curious and happy to be in the presence of capable creatures, or did you just feel neutral? Then your life is about to enter a period of great creativity, new experiences, healthy relationships and even just a life without drama. 

But what about feeling trapped, surrounded and overwhelmed by this gang of arachnids? If your emotions were less positive, then a group of spiders could symbolize emotional baggage that is holding you down, bad friends or coworkers are making you miserable, or you feel overwhelmed by life.

Black Spiders

This is a bit of a dark cloud. When you dream of black spiders, it usually means that a myriad of problems will infest your life. But there is a silver lining. These issues won’t be serious enough to destroy your life and they will also be short-lived. 

A Giant Spider

A monster spider is a good thing! Well done, this giant arachnid is telling you that you are in charge. You will soon be the leading and dominant force, whether it’s at work or at an upcoming competitive event. If this sounds too hard to believe or even impossible, a big spider can be a sign that you need to own your true potential – because it’s massive and powerful!


Q: Is it unusual to dream about spiders?

No, the spider is a very common theme in dreams. Mostly because a lot of people fear spiders or see them around the home. 

Q: Can a spider dream symbolize financial gain?

Yes. In many cultures, the spider is not a bad omen. Instead, the animal is linked to prosperity, good luck, and wealth.

Q: What do spiders represent spiritually?

In some spiritual traditions, the spider represents the cycle of life. It stands for the importance of birth, growing up and experiencing life, death and reincarnation.

Q: What number represents spiders?

The number eight. The main reason? A spider has eight legs, of course! But this number also represents infinity, which deepens the connection on another level. If you recall, spiders represent the endless loop of life, death and rebirth.

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