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Last Updated on May 16, 2022

There are so many unforgettable August holidays around the world. These days mark very important events that cannot be forgotten. If you are planning to travel in August or commemorate a few of its special days, then you need to mark some of the following holidays:

World Wide Web Day

  • Date marked: August 1
  • Why it’s marked: To celebrate the revolutionary World Wide Web
  • Location: Worldwide 

Can you imagine for a moment a world without the internet? All the local and international ties that would be disconnected? All those flourishing eCommerce empires and opportunities that come with them? Imagine not ordering goods online anymore at crazy discounts. It would be a sad lonely world, won’t it?

Now that we all agree the internet is one of the biggest resources of our time, you can understand why we have to celebrate its creation every year on August 1. Thank you, Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau for this extremely marvelous creation that is the World Wide Web.

Lammas Day

  • Date marked: August 1
  • Why it’s marked: Offering thanks to spiritual entities 
  • Location: international

Do you recall the ancient religious tradition where folks used to offer sacrifices and part of their harvest to spiritual entities in hopes for a fruitful harvest next season? The objective is the same as Lammas Day. The celebration typically brings people together so they can share their wheat products (usually bread).

The holiday has Christian roots but anyone who wants to be grateful for their fortunes, no matter their religion can partake in it.

Respect for Parents Day

  • Date marked: August 1
  • Why it’s marked: celebrating the selfless acts of parents
  • Location: Worldwide

Having brought you into the world, cared for you, and ensured your childhood is as pleasant as possible, parents deserve a lot of love, respect, and recognition. On August 1st every year, you get a chance to spend some time with your parents, express your gratitude and shower them with a lot of respect.

On this day, children are also taught the importance of respecting parents and other parental figures. So if you don’t get to share this time with your parents, then make sure you teach kids why it’s great to respect parental figures.

Emancipation Day

  • Date marked: August 1
  • Why it’s marked: commemorates the end of slavery 
  • Location: United States, Canada, the Caribbean

Effects of slavery and slave trade wreaked so much havoc to be ignored. Prior to 1834, this nefarious act was condoned and even sanctioned by the then governments. It was until August of 1834 when emancipation policies were drafted to put an end to human slavery.

Today, some parts of the world including Canada and the Caribbean still observe August 1st to celebrate the freedom that comes with emancipation. However, in the US, the new date for celebrating this holiday is Juneteenth (June 19).

International Beer Day

  • Date marked: August 6
  • Why it’s marked: to celebrate one of the oldest drinks in the world
  • Location: Worldwide

Recognized as one of the oldest drinks in the world, beer holds a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of many people. And on August 6, as a beer fan, you have the excuse to indulge in a few pints of it, express yourself freely to a friend or stranger, be loud, and agree to disagree.

Most sober drinkers can agree to this; beer does better what politicians and politics have always been unable to do: bring people together. All said, remember to drink responsibly while you celebrate International Beer Day.

Hiroshima Memorial Day

  • Date marked: August 6
  • Why it’s marked: to remember and honor the victims of the atomic bomb tragedy
  • Location: Hiroshima City

Every 6th of August, survivors of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, relatives of the victims, the public, and visitors from around the world flock to Hiroshima City to recall the tragic event of the year 1945. This day also provides an avenue to discuss the importance of peace as well as comfort the family of the victims.

Hiroshima Memorial Day is not exactly a holiday as only family members can be allowed to visit the memorial cenotaph. Other folks usually go about their jobs and activities a few hours after the moment of silence has passed.

Nagasaki Memorial Day

  • Date marked: August 9
  • Why it’s marked: Memorial Day Observance 
  • Location: Japan and a few other parts of the world

Nagasaki Memorial Day is a special day set aside to commemorate the Nagasaki bomb attack. The holiday, which is also held in many parts of the world besides Japan and the US, promotes peaceful peace and includes fun activities like dance and music. 

The event is also used to educate the harmful effects of nuclear weapons while at the same time pointing the spotlight to the voices and experiences of the survivors.

Lazy Day

  • Date marked: August 10
  • Why it’s marked: to give people a chance to relax
  • Location: International 

Every year on August 10, no one should blame you for slacking. It’s the only day where the hardest work you can do is ensuring you don’t do anything at all. We are guessing it’s the perfect moment for binge-watching your favorite shows or staying in bed.

To both our disappointment, unfortunately, the origins of this holiday remain a mystery. Or maybe its founders were too lazy to record something down.

World Elephant Day

  • Date marked: August 12
  • Why it’s marked: Prevent elephant extinction
  • Location: International

Elephants are one of the world’s most magnificent creatures with a thrilling history. Sadly, for over a decade, their number seems to be dropping at a worrying state. Currently, it is estimated that 100 African elephants are killed every day. If poaching goes on undeterred, it’s said that Elephants could be wiped out in under a decade.

To prevent their extinction, World Elephant Day was born under the guidance of Patricia Sims together with hundreds of other elephant conservation organizations. The sole purpose is to spread awareness around protecting these glorious beasts. So if you love elephants, make sure to join the movement every year on August 12.

Youth Day

  • Date marked: August 12
  • Why it’s marked: to shine the spotlight on the issues surrounding the youth
  • Location: Worldwide

International Youth Day shines the spotlight on young people, their actions, and initiatives. During the gathering, governments and other citizens take turns discussing the problems the younger generation is going through. So if you work with government or NGO organizations that cater to the youth, this is the perfect day to do what you do best-helping them.

National Blame Someone Else Day

  • Date marked: August 13
  • Why it’s marked: To have fun with blaming others
  • Location: Worldwide

Yaay! Here’s another pretty cool holiday-almost as exciting as April fools. But instead of pranking people, on this day, you don’t have to take any blame. Just come up with a good excuse or story that transfers the blame to someone else.

Not ready to blame another person? It didn’t start yesterday. In fact, for Christians, you remember even Adam blamed Eve? Huh, what a good one. Just, like April Fools, take this day lightly and don’t put blame on others merely to avert responsibility. Simply keep it fun. 

Left-handers Day

  • Date marked: August 13
  • Why it’s marked: to celebrate the distinctiveness of left-handed individuals 
  • Location: worldwide

On 13th August every year, Left-Handers get to celebrate the distinctiveness of being left-handed. The day was first commemorated in 1976 by Dean R Campbell, the founder of Lefthanders International Inc. To this day and age, Left-handers day is celebrated by big names such as Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jimi Hendrix, Julia Roberts, and many more. 

So whenever August 13 comes around, remember to grab a glass of your favorite drink and lift it high in appreciation of being a lefty. Won’t you?

National Financial Awareness Day

  • Date marked: August 14
  • Why it’s marked: to foster financial independence
  • Location: United States

How sound are your financial plans? Do you have a scary debt hanging over you? Then August 14 is one of the holidays you need to commemorate. On this day plenty of financial wisdom is spread around and usually touches on savings, retirement planning, and other decisions that ensure you don’t ruin your future.

Be An Angel Day

  • Date marked: August 22
  • Why it’s marked: to teach people to be kind
  • Location: International

‘Be an Angel Day’ gives people an opportunity to bless others with random acts of kindness. On this day, you can choose to be nice to someone by saying or giving them good things. The holiday was created by Rev Jayne Howard Feldman in 1993.

International Overdose Awareness Day

  • Date marked: August 31
  • Why it’s marked: raise awareness around drug overdose 
  • Location: Worldwide

There is nothing as noble as helping someone pick themselves up again. If you are driven to make humanity better, then you can definitely commemorate International Overdose Awareness Day. This event is one of the world’s biggest campaigns that raise awareness about drug overuse and its side effects.

Besides raising awareness, you can stand with those who lost their loved ones through overdose or donate towards the campaign efforts.

Wrap Up

There you go! A whole list of August holidays worth celebrating. Pin those that matter to you on your digital calendar-of course with alerts-so you never have to forget about them. Did we forget to cover a holiday so dear to you? Please shout it out in the comments.

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