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Tyler Perry wears many hats. While he is a renowned director, author and songwriter, he is also a great actor. If you are familiar with his work or just want to grab an entertaining movie tonight, then you are certainly in the right place! Head on over to our review guide where we cover his best movies and pick one that piques your interest.

1. Why Did I Get Married? (2007)

This comedy-drama follows four couples who have been friends since college. They agree to meet at a mountain retreat for a week to work out their marital problems and answer the question, “Why did I get married?” Perry plays a pediatrician whose wife prefers work over alone time with him and their daughter.

As the week progresses, the couples work out their issues but in the worst way possible. Secrets fall out of the closet, affairs are publicly aired and while most of them come out stronger in the end, one of the marriages won’t survive.

2. Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)

When Helen’s husband Charles, a wealthy lawyer, kicks her out of the house and allows his mistress to move in, she takes refuge with her eccentric grandmother Madea (played by Tyler Perry). Madea’s hilarious antics to help her granddaughter get back on her feet – with a touch of revenge – lands them both in legal trouble.

But when Charles is shot by a client, Helen opts to take care of him. When Charles wants to reconcile, she has to decide whether to take him back or start a new life with Orlando, a new love interest.

3. A Fall From Grace (2020)

Produced, written, and directed by Tyler Perry (who also has a small role), the movie follows the story of Grace, a woman who is accused of murdering her husband. Grace tells her lawyer, Jasmine, that she is guilty of the crime but after investigating a few red flags about the case Jasmine realizes that her client is innocent.

Despite her best efforts to prove otherwise, Jasmine watches as Grace is found guilty. Unable to let go, she decides to talk to the main witness (who also believed in Grace’s innocence) but the visit unravels a dark and dangerous scheme.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows (2016)

A year after the turtles have defeated their arch-nemesis Shredder, they learn that scientist Baxter Stockman (Perry) is planning to spring Shredder from jail. Despite their best efforts to prevent it, Stockman manages to free him as Shredder is transported to another prison.

During the escape, Shredder meets an interdimensional conqueror named Krang, who needs the missing three pieces of a device to invade Earth. The turtle brothers race against time to find the pieces first and to prevent the powerful warlord from joining forces with Shredder and taking over the world.

5. Gone Girl (2014)

When Nick Dunne returns home one day, he fully expects to go on a treasure hunt – a tradition he and his wife celebrates on every wedding anniversary. But Amy is missing and the police find traces of blood and a clean-up inside the Dunne home. As the investigation progresses, the media frenzy ousts Nick as a cheater and the couple’s unhappy marriage is soon public knowledge.

As his presumed guilt grows, he hires Tanner Bolt (Perry) to defend him against the accusation of killing his wife. Nick discovers that the treasure hunt is still on, leading him and the police along a trail of clues towards a frightening side of his wife that he never knew existed.

6. Madea Goes to Jail (2009)

Tyler Perry returns as grandmother Madea but this time, her disregard for the law has gone too far. After destroying another woman’s car during an argument over a parking space, Madea is sentenced to several years in jail.

In prison, Madea befriends and protects a young prostitute, Candace, who had been wrongfully incarcerated. Her tough-love approach to break Candace out of her victim mentality has a surprising twist that could possibly lead to both women’s freedom.

7. Alex Cross (2012)

Dr Alex Cross is a police officer and psychologist who gets drawn into the deadly world of a serial killer known as Picasso. Leaving behind Picasso-like drawings at each of his murders, the man turns on Alex when the latter prevents the next murder.

Burdened by the killer’s terrible revenge, Cross has to pick up his own shattered life to stop Picasso and also uncover the reason why these particular victims were chosen.

8. The Single Moms Club (2014)

Five single mothers meet for the first time when their kids get into trouble at school. To prevent the expulsion of their children, the women agree to do volunteer work at the school, leading to the creation of the Single Moms Club. But life is difficult for every woman who struggles with the demands of life, work, teenage children and ex-husbands who undermine their parenting or want custody.

Tyler Perry plays TK, a supportive friend who feels particularly close to May, a mother whose son runs away to see his drug-addicted father.

9. Good Deeds (2012)

Although they work at the same company, Wesley and Lindsey live very different lives. Wesley is the CEO of his family-owned business and she is the building’s janitor. When Lindsey is evicted, she is forced to take her young daughter along on night shifts, where Wesley discovers the young girl sleeping in a broom closet.

Initially estranged due to their different social backgrounds, Wesley begins to live a more free and spontaneous life because of them and with his help, Lindsey slowly gets back on her feet. But as their attraction grows, they have to overcome his snobbish family, his fiance and Lindsey’s fear of rejection.

10. Vice (2018)

A spellbinding true story, Vice follows the rise of Dick Cheney from an aimless alcoholic to one of the most powerful political influencers in the world.

In 1968, Cheney joins the White House staff as an intern during the Nixon Administration. He soon realizes the true power of the executive office and that he has a talent for climbing the political ladder. Cheney’s career is filled with health problems, family strife, history-changing achievements and decisions that would cost countless people their lives. Tyler Perry plays the role of Colin Powell.

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