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Did a snake curl its way through your dreams last night? Then you are probably intrigued about why your subconscious had dredged up this fearsome reptile out of the blue. Interestingly, people have been dreaming about snakes since the dawn of time and it remains a common dream symbol today. But what does it mean to you? Join us as we take a deep dive into what it means to encounter a snake during slumber. 

Curiosity or Interest

Sometimes, the dream world is not trying to send you a message. If you are interested in something, the chances are that you will dream about it one night. Do you love rock climbing? Your dog? These things will show up randomly in your dreams, and snakes are no different. 

If you have an affinity for these reptiles, you would naturally read about them or watch interesting videos. Becoming absorbed in books or other media can store images and emotions in your subconscious which leads to snake-filled dreams.  

A Fear of Snakes

Dreams are notorious for tormenting sleepers with their own phobias. In this regard, you might be dreaming about snakes because you fear them and not because the universe is trying to send you a message. That being said, sometimes dreaming about snakes can have a symbolic meaning – whether you love or hate their scaly faces! 

Different Snakes Can Have Different Meanings

When interpreting your dreams, always trust your own perception of things. Dreams are intensely personal and require a degree of “knowing thy self” to understand how the message relates to your current life situation and struggles. 

For example, are you particularly scared of rattlesnakes because they live in your area? Then it can be a warning to avoid a certain situation, romantic relationship or decision. You may never have met an anaconda, but in all the movies, they squish people to death. If this is your take on anacondas, then seeing one in your dream could mean that you feel smothered by something and need a break or escape. 

What About an Unidentifiable Species?

When you cannot say with certainty whether you met a cobra or a house snake last night, then take a minute to listen to your feelings. Did you feel safe in its presence – or agitated? 

If you felt a kinship, then it might be a spirit animal or your dreams telling you that you are not alone. You have spiritual guidance. But if fear was your primary emotion, then take a good look at what’s going on in your life right now. Is there a snake in the grass, so to speak? A dangerous person, situation or decision? The message here is to tread carefully.

Different Actions of Dream Snakes

It is important to recall what the snake did in your dream – especially if the animal was a random species that meant nothing to you. Let’s have a look at the most common behaviors and their possible interpretations. 

Being Chased or Hunted

Running away from danger is a common theme in dreams. But running away from a persistent snake could point to fleeing from a particular uncomfortable situation or threat in your waking life.

It could also be a warning about the future; that a toxic person is going to destabilize your peace. Remember, nothing is carved in stone. When you get a negative interpretation about the future, you still have the chance to spot bad people and situations and avoid them!

Receiving a Snake Bite

Yikes. This is bad, right? Surprisingly, getting tagged by a snake is not as bad as being chased by one. When a snake bites you in a dream, it points to emotional issues like a lack of self-confidence, anxiety about an upcoming project at work or feeling unhappy about something in your personal life. A snakebite calls for reassessing what is stealing your confidence or happiness.

If the snake bit someone that you love, they might be going through a hard time or a health issue might get worse. When you dream about a snaking sinking its fangs into a person you hate, it could be a manifestation of your own desire to harm or defeat this individual. 

Having a Good Chat

Did the snake try to tell you something? Did you respond? Having a conversation with a snake in a dream does not have to be verbal, either.

For some reason, a lot of people talk via a type of telepathy in dreams – you have probably experienced this yourself. You saw a family member, and you just knew what they were “saying” to you in the dream even though their lips never moved. Either way, this is a good sign. It means that you are in touch with your own instincts (so, trust them in real life) or you received an actual message from a spirit animal.

Killing a Snake

Did your dream-self take the nearest blunt object and whacked the snake into oblivion? When this happens, the dream can have several meanings. First, it could be a phobia-induced nightmare where you act out how you would in real life. There is no symbolism here. You fear snakes and would likely kill one if you had to.

On the other hand, when you dispatch one of these dangerous reptiles – especially if the species in your dream is venomous – then it could point to something amazing. You are going to reclaim control by removing a toxic person, emotion or situation from your life.

A Snake That is Shedding Skin

Let go of the old you and embrace the new! When you dream about a snake shedding its useless skin, it could mean that you have to change your ways or accept the changes that are happening in your life right now, as hard as they might be. 

Eating a Snake

We all do unbelievable things in dreams, seemingly without conscious control. So, if you snacked on a snake, don’t worry, you are not losing your mind. 

The meaning is linked to something in your waking life and can be either negative or positive. On the dark side, you could be influenced by a toxic partner (you are consuming their influence willingly or through manipulation).

The best meaning you can hope for, however, is that by eating a snake, you are overcoming a difficult situation as a stronger and wiser person. 

Multiple Snakes

If you fear snakes, this is probably not a good dream to experience. But here’s the silver lining. It doesn’t mean that you have multiple health problems, enemies or bad situations waiting to pounce. When more than one snake shows up in your sleep, your subconscious is feeling a little fractured. 

Assess your life to see why there is, in essence, a separation. Multiple snakes mean that you are disconnected from something, either your old self, your family, community or a special goal in life. Rediscover your relationship with yourself, loved ones and passions!

Snake Dreams During Illness

Believe it or not, but the snake is a powerful symbol of healing. If you or a loved one is currently experiencing an illness, then seeing a snake while you slumber is a great sign. If the problem is a treatable ailment, then good health is around the corner. If the condition is more serious, then there will be a period of improvement or a new therapy that will provide relief.

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