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Who is Tom Macdonald?

Two topics are always hot on everyone’s lips, regardless of the era; race and politics. Both have become sensitive topics in recent years as the situation steadily grows complicated with time. People tend to avoid race and politics unless they wish to start a fight. However, some strongly believe that problems arising from both topics need to be thoroughly discussed.

People are happy to post their opinions online, whether on their personal blogs or social media pages. Others desire to be a lot more outspoken and go as far as to write songs, create videos, and even host shows concerning their views on life. Music has evolved to the point where it can effectively communicate any message. Tom Macdonald is a rapper that has gained considerable success by rapping about controversial topics.

The rapper rose to fame with his song, “White Boy,” which spoke about how white privilege has been glorified. He released a few other hit singles, such as “Fake Woke,” “Snowflakes,” and “Brainwashed,” all of which appeared in the Billboard top 100 at different points in 2021.

His songs are considered offensive to some. The rapper leads a private life, choosing to keep his details out of the public light. As such, very little is known about him. However, he continues to work on his music career and has already done some fantastic things in the industry.

The sudden rise in popularity of NFTs allowed Macdonald to get his hands on priceless instrumentals produced by the rap icon Eminem. Macdonald used the instrumentals to create a song in tribute to the original “Stan” by Eminem.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Thomas Macdonald
Popular Name: Tom Macdonald
Gender: Male
Birth Date: September 21, 1988
Age: 33 years
Parents: Lee-Anne Macdonald
Siblings: N/A
Birth Place: British Columbia, Alberta, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Canadian
Education: N/A
Marital Status: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wife/Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Dating: Nova Rockafeller
Net Worth: $800 thousand
Source of Wealth: Music
Height: 6ft1 (1.85m)
Weight: N/A

Early Life and Career Information

Not much is known about the rapper’s early life. He grew up in both British Columbia and Alberta in Canada. No information is available about his education, unfortunately. The earliest known records state that Macdonald worked as a professional wrestler under the stage name “Allstar.” The details about his time in the ring or his level of success in the industry are also unavailable.

Macdonald struggled with alcoholism for much of his life, finding solace at the bottom of a bottle every chance he got. He hit rock bottom after suffering a bad breakdown. The after-effects forced him to seek help and rehabilitation.

Macdonald started rapping at the age of 18. His early rap career remains shrouded in mystery, and he didn’t rise to fame until the release of his hit song, “White Boy,” in February of 2018. Since then, Macdonald has released follow-up songs that have gained him a dedicated fan base.

The rapper has been open about his thoughts on both racism and woke culture since the rise of his career. He has pointed out the flaws in certain social preconceptions in some of his songs, leaving his audience split between those who agree wholeheartedly and those with a bone to pick.

They say all publicity is good publicity. Macdonald clearly hasn’t allowed the hate he has received to slow down his work and has actively pushed his music. One of his most well-received titles would have to be the song he put out at the beginning of the pandemic, titled “Corona Virus.”

Macdonald has shown that his music goes beyond societal observations. With the rise of NFTs in the social landscape, Macdonald got the opportunity to purchase a unique one during Eminem’s “Shady Con.” The crypto art piece gave Macdonald access to a unique instrumental sound that he later used to create a piece paying respects to the famous song “Stan” by Eminem.

Tom Macdonald’s Net Worth

As earlier stated, Macdonald prefers to keep his private life away from the public eye. Not much is known about his investments outside of his music. He has been working hard on pushing out great singles for years now, a fact that is evident in his respectable net worth of $800 thousand.

The analysis of his net worth doesn’t consider possible investments, and the rapper could be worth a lot more, should new information come to light. We will just have to wait and see.

Lessons from the life of Tom Macdonald

Alcohol will only Numb, not Heal

While sharing the occasional bottle of wine with dear friends or cracking open a cold one with the boys does not pose a problem, drinking can get out of hand. There is something freeing about not having to worry about the troubles of life, a state of Zen that is made possible due to high blood alcohol levels. But it is only a temporary, unsafe solution to the issue.

Our problems do not vanish when we drink. One will eventually sober up, and the situation will automatically get any better. Do not risk your health and well-being because you want to avoid your struggles. You have to tackle things like that head-on.

Topics Worth Discussing are Worth Discussing

“We’ve become so ultra-sensitive and hyper-tolerant that, honestly, honesty gon’ be illegal.” ~Tom Macdonald

Macdonald has always been outspoken about his stand on woke culture and the new social standards. Cancel culture, and many of the more recent social crazes are beginning to get out of hand, but no one is willing to speak up for fear of being on the receiving end. Macdonald portrays that clearly in his music and urges others to speak up! Change starts with you and me.

The Truth Will Eventually Come Out

“They can hide it in silence, they can bury it and fight it, but it comes out when their hair is turning grey.” ~Tom Macdonald

Macdonald has emphasized the importance of the truth in many of his songs. He has rightfully stated that people are unwilling to speak up when it matters the most, watching the whole world fall around them. Fortunately, the truth will always come out, whether we like it or not. We would be doing ourselves a service to hop on board before it is too late.

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