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You either love these building toys, or you don’t – there’s no in between. But Lego fans will remain loyal to the brand regardless of age! And we have some fantastic lego memes for those ‘ultra-relate’ feels.

Lego was created by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter in the early 1890s. The name ‘Lego’ is derived from the danish expression ‘leg godt’, which translates to ‘play well’.

What started from carved wood transitioned to plastic in 1947. 

Later, the company was handed over to Ole’s son, Godtfred, who revolutionized the Lego game entirely. He connected with people abroad to expand his business into an international empire.

Well, the rest is history, isn’t it?

Almost every kid knows about Legos, and then there are ones lucky enough to possess a set. These bad boys are expensive. They are as valuable to children as to adults, if not more.

Lego Memes

Do you collect or play with Legos? Here are some memes that will make you go ‘OH MY GOD, YES!’.

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