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Who Is Jon Heder?

Jonathan Joseph Heder is a renowned American actor popularly known for his exceptional rendition in the hit comedy “Napoleon Dynamite.” His performance was so outstanding and left such a significant impact on the audience that it earned him the nickname “Napoleon Dynamite” after the character he portrayed.

After moving with his family in 1979 to Salem, Oregon, he attended Walker Middle School before beginning high school in South Salem High School, where he was a member of the swim team and drama club. He then enrolled in Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, majoring in 3D animation.

He earned his award nomination in 2004 as the Best Breakthrough Performance of The Year for his role in “Napoleon Dynamite.” He received multiple awards and nominations in the subsequent years for other movies such as “Blades of Glory,” “Just like Heaven,” and “The Benchwarmers.”

Heder has starred in a couple of animation films, providing voice work in “Surf Up,” “Pinocchio,” “Monster House,” as well as in the animation series “Napoleon Dynamite.”

He is currently married to his college sweetheart Kirsten Heder (née Bales), and their union has been blessed with children. He speaks Japanese fluently and is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Jonathan Joseph Heder
Popular Name: Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder
Gender: Male
Birth Date: October 26, 1977
Age: 44 years
Parents: James Heder, Helen Brammer
Siblings: Dan Heder (brother), Rachel Heder (sister), Doug Heder (brother), Adam Heder (brother), Matt Heder (brother)
Birth Place: Fort Collins, Colorado
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Sweedish, Danish, English, German, Dutch
Education: South Salem High School, Brigham Young University
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wife/Spouse: Kirsten Heder (2002-date)
Children: Evan Jane Heder (daughter), Timothy Heder (son), Phillip Heder (son)
Dating: N/A
Net Worth: $15 Million
Source of Wealth: Actor, Producer
Height: 6ft1 (185cm)
Weight: 78kg (172 lbs)

Early Life and Career

Born with an identical twin brother to physician James Heder and housewife Helen Heder, Jon Heder grew up in a large family with two older siblings and two younger brothers. At age 2, his entire family relocated to Oregon, where he later matriculated in 1996 from South Salem High School.

In high school, he became a member of the swim club and the drama club, which was most likely his first point of contact with the acting industry. After graduating from high school, he was accepted into Brigham Young University to major in 3D animations.

While in the university, he secured his first debut film appearance as an audience member in 2000, in a short comedy called “The Wrong Brother.” In the same year, he also starred in “Funky Town,” a short film, and was also recruited in 2003 to play a role in “Peluca,” a short comedy.

However, he made his major break into the entertainment industry and gained popularity in 2004 after obtaining the lead role in “Napolean Dynamite,” a comedy film directed by Jared Hess. The movie was a great hit. It secured 23 nominations and won 10 awards.

After which, he starred in several films such as “The Benchwarmers,” “Life Happens,” “When in Rome,” and “Blades of Glory.” He also provided voice-overs for “My Dad is a Scrooge,” “Bling,” and “Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit.” He did a voice-over between 2017 and 2018 in the Netflix animated superhero series “Stretch Armstrong and The Flex Fighters.”

Jon Heder’s Personal Life and Net Worth

Without a doubt, Jon Heder’s love life is straight out of a fairy tale. He met Kirsten Bales while still schooling at Brigham Young University, and the pair began to date in 2000. Two years later, they got married and had their first child Evan Jane Heder in 2007. In 2009, they welcomed their second child and first son, and in 2013, they had their third child and second son.

In 2016, they celebrated the birth of their fourth child and second daughter, whose name is still unknown to the media.

Jon Heder is a staunch Christian and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. He has served a full-time mission in Japan for two years and learned to speak Japanese fluently.

Currently, Jon Heder has a net worth of $15 million. He made most of his income from his acting career. With his growing popularity and young age, there is every possibility that Jon Heder’s wealth will still grow enormously in the years to come.

Life Lessons from Jon Heder

Never Lose Sight of Who You Are

After his spectacular performance in “Napoleon Dynamite,” it was not a shock to see Jon Heder taking on other roles during his acting career. However, many people do not know that Jon Heder turned down more roles than he accepted. This was because he claimed some of the films he was asked to partake in were raunchy, which he was not comfortable with.

With this, Heder taught us that it is always important to consider what makes you comfortable rather than popular. In his words, “As long as you’re happy with the decisions you make, that’s what’s most important.”

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