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Last Updated on June 14, 2022

Ukraine is a big country in the heart of Europe with lots of attractions and fascinating history. Right now, Ukraine may be best known for its political turmoils and ongoing war. But that’s not the only reason to pay close attention to Ukraine. To thousands of Western men, Ukraine is best known as a land of beautiful women and romance.

Dating women from Ukraine is definitely a growing trend in the West, and it’s not surprising. Ukrainian women have so many advantages that we can hardly list them in one article, but we will definitely try. Here is how to get a girlfriend from Ukraine and why you should consider it.

Where to get a girlfriend from Ukraine

The important thing to know about the beautiful women of Ukraine is that many of them are excited by the possibility of dating a foreign guy, and some even want to marry one. However, you may not easily find a girlfriend from Ukraine if you simply book a ticket to the country and do your search there, as not all Slavic ladies are open to this idea.

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Why do Ukrainian single women want to marry foreign men?

The desire of Western guys to meet Ukraine singles probably doesn’t require an explanation. After all, dating women from Ukraine is one of the best things that can happen to a man because Ukrainian ladies embody all the positive qualities you may be looking for in a partner. However, the decision of Ukrainian beauties to date, let alone marry Western men, is not something that comes lightly to them. They have some strong reasons to want it, and here are the five biggest reasons why Ukrainian single women actively seek foreign partners. There are hundreds if not thousands of Ukranian brides that are using online dating to connect with foreign men.

Attraction to Western men

A typical Ukrainian lady may have never met a Western guy in her life, but she still knows plenty about foreign men from the media. She is convinced that a foreign partner is exactly who she needs to be fully happy. She is drawn to pretty much everything about these men, from their appearance and level of self-care to the way they treat women and take an active part in raising their kids. This is all something a Ukrainian woman wants for herself in her own relationship.

Better opportunities

Ukraine is doing well in many regards, but the ambitious and driven Ukrainian ladies still want more opportunities for growth. Whether they want to receive an education, build a career, or live comfortably as stay-at-home mothers and wives, it doesn’t take a geopolitical expert to realize why Ukraine women dating may be drawn to the opportunities that the Western world provides.

Unhappiness with the local dating scene

There are millions of reliable, caring, and loyal men in Ukraine, but not all of them are like that. Most currently single Ukrainian ladies have had a negative dating or even marriage experience in their lives. There may have been issues with fidelity, inability to commit, men not being ready to provide for the family, and other problems. Naturally, women who experienced these issues are now looking for better partners, and many of them turn to foreign guys.

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Long-term plans

Ukrainian singles dating foreign guys are not just thinking about the present. They are also thinking a few years ahead when they have their own family with kids. They understand that their little ones will have a better chance of succeeding in life if they are born in a prosperous Western country. Ukrainian women are practical and smart, and this is another proof of their exceptional planning skills.

Wish for peace

If you’ve heard anything about Ukraine lately on the news, chances are it was actually a war report. Ukraine has been living in a state of war for eight years now, and while not all regions of the country were equally affected by it, many Ukrainian ladies still view their current conditions as unsafe. This is why their dream of dating and then marrying a foreign guy is in part influenced by their decision to live in safety and stability.

What kind of men do women from Ukraine want to date?

If Ukraine ladies dating is the only thing on your mind right now, we can definitely understand it. However, you should know that Slavic ladies won’t just date the first person who asks them out. They want to see some essential qualities in their potential partners, and it’s one of the facts about Ukrainian women you should know before looking for a Ukrainian girlfriend:


A Ukrainian girl demands absolute respect, and she totally deserves it. It means that risky jokes and rude language are completely out of the question, especially in the early stages of the relationship. However, don’t think that your attitude to her is the only thing that matters. She will also carefully watch how you treat others, even random strangers.


Your dream of dating women from Ukraine shouldn’t be your only goal in life. You need to have other things going on for you, especially when it comes to your career and personal development. A Ukrainian lady should see your determination and your strive for better things in life for the sake of yourself and your partner.

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A Ukrainian woman is rather old-fashioned when it comes to gender roles. Unlike many Western women, she won’t try and look too independent and strong. She wants someone who will take care of her, and not just by opening a taxi door for her or offering her his coat when it’s chilly, but also when it comes to more important things in life.


Women from Ukraine won’t care how much money you make exactly or how many partners you’ve had before. What really matters to them is whether you are ready for a long-term, committed relationship and then marriage. Ukrainian singles want romance that is going somewhere and isn’t just a fling for either of the parties.


When you first meet sexy Ukrainian women, you will be impressed by their fun, bubbly personalities. These are women who never feel bored, and they want to be with someone who can match their cheerful spirit. In other words, you should have other things in your life than just work.

How to charm Ukraine women for dating

There are plenty of single ladies from Ukraine you can meet online. You should know that dating Ukrainian women is not difficult at all. However, the first stage of your romance will determine the success of the whole relationship, and here is how to impress Ukrainian beauties:

  1. Don’t try too hard to get her to like you, but also don’t let her think you’re indifferent about your relationship.
  2. Try to really get to know her and suggest ways to spend the time she will like, don’t just plan the dates according to your taste.
  3. Let her see you make an effort — for example, by taking the time to meet her even when she knows you’re very busy.
  4. Become the person she can fully trust; always be there for her when she needs you, and always fulfill your promises.
  5. Don’t point out the potential cultural differences and pretend you don’t notice that her English is not perfect.
  6. Plan the meeting with her parents as early as possible and do your best to win their trust — this will do wonders for your couple.
  7. Always let her know your relationship has a future and discuss the way you want things to go, including the family you’ll once have.

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Why do men want to be with women from Ukraine?

We are confident that any man should feel lucky to have a Ukrainian girlfriend, and any guide to the Ukrainian women characteristics will only scratch the surface of their charm and charisma. However, if you have never met a Ukrainian girl but are now interested in dating women from Ukraine, here are the top 5 reasons why men choose them.

Slavic women have gorgeous looks

The beautiful women of Ukraine have won the recognition and adoration of millions of people around the world. There are countless Ukrainian celebrities who have repeatedly been named among the most stunning women on the planet. But why are Ukrainian women so beautiful? To jog your memory, here are their best appearance features:

  • Pretty Ukrainian girls have highly contrasting traits. Their skin is light but with a noticeable rosy blush. They have dark eyebrows and lashes, but their eyes are typically green, blue, or gray, which also creates a lovely contrast. Their lips are plump and bright even without any makeup.
  • Hair is a rightful source of pride for pretty Ukrainian ladies. It’s typically long and either straight or slightly wavy. When it comes to the colors, you’ll see a variety of blonde and brown shades, although raven-haired Ukrainian beauties are not that rare to see.
  • One of the best things about hot Ukrainian girls is that they have the most feminine body type you can imagine. It’s not too skinny or too curvy, it’s just perfectly womanlike, and it stays that way no matter how old the woman is. A Ukrainian lady will never starve herself because of some fleeting beauty standard, and her confidence really shows.

Girls from Ukraine are kind and sincere

Ukrainians are a very kind nation in general, so it’s obvious that Ukrainian ladies are also kind and considerate. They treat everyone they meet with kindness, not just their loved ones. So, even when you are talking to a Ukrainian woman for the first time, you will experience her warmth and kindness. That’s probably one of the most valuable qualities that make men start thinking about marrying a Ukrainian woman.

We should note that the beautiful women of Ukraine are also sincere and always tell the truth. They are simply incapable of telling lies, so they don’t even try. You can ask your Ukrainian girlfriend anything and expect a sincere answer 100% of the time.

Hot Ukrainian girls are amazing homemakers

This feature is not something you will notice right away when you begin dating women from Ukraine, but it will come up as soon as you start spending more time together at home. Single Ukrainian women consider homemaking to be one of their favorite pastimes, and it’s the way things have always been done in Ukraine.

Multiple generations of beautiful women of Ukraine love spending time cooking and cleaning for their families. They don’t consider it to be some annoying and exhausting chore. Cooking a three-course meal for their husband and kids is not a big deal to them, and seeing their loved ones appreciate their efforts is the best reward they can hope for.

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Ukrainian ladies are not materialistic

Don’t get us wrong, dating women from Ukraine does not mean you have to completely forget about the material side of things. Like any woman in the world, a Ukrainian lady wants to be pampered and enjoys thoughtful gifts. However, she is not materialistic at all and her decision to like someone is not based on his income level.

A Ukrainian woman will never show particular interest in the type of car you are driving or the size of the house that you own. She will either like you for who you really are or not like you at all, and no expensive gifts or luxury vacation will change her mind. This is why dating women from Ukraine is a pure, satisfying experience.

Ukrainian singles have very traditional beliefs

Slavic countries are often considered to be more traditional and even old-fashioned than the Western part of the world. Ukraine is a very modern country in many of its aspects, but family life is where traditions come in full force. For example, a typical Ukrainian woman wants to get married once and for all, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For a Ukrainian lady, even the thought of being unfaithful to her partner is something she can’t even fathom. She’s also a big believer in the traditional model of the family, where the man is the main provider and decision-maker while the woman takes care of the house and the kids. She may still want her own job and source of income, but she will never let it stand between her and her family.

Final thoughts about dating Ukrainian woman

We can say with full confidence that dating Ukrainian woman promises only great things for you, and things will get even better if you decide to marry her. Some of the hottest Ukrainian women are also some of the kindest, most forgiving, and most loyal ones. 

And the best news is that everyone can get a real chance to meet Ukrainian women and to date them, as long as they use the right dating services to find a girlfriend from Ukraine and take the right approach to charm her.

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Can you trust a Ukrainian woman?

Ukrainian ladies are some of the most stunning women in the world, and many guys have had less-than-perfect experiences of being with beautiful women. So the question “Can you trust a Ukrainian woman?” is a perfectly normal one to have. 

To give you a short answer, we can say that you absolutely can trust Ukrainian ladies. The longer version of our answer requires us to remind you that Ukraine women dating are sincere to the point of naivety. They always speak their minds, and they are physically incapable of lying to someone they love or betraying their trust. Also, they appreciate strong family values and serious relationships. So yes, trust is something that will always be present in your relationship.

How beautiful are the women of Ukraine?

Beauty may be a subjective concept, and we may all find different features to be gorgeous. However, the beauty of Ukrainian ladies is something everyone can agree on. In fact, there have been numerous research articles naming Ukrainian beauties among the most gorgeous women on the planet.

Even President Biden, back when he was Vice President, shared this sentiment, claiming that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful ones he’s ever met. So if you can’t get enough of Ukrainian beauties, you should know that you’re in good company!

How to get a girlfriend from Ukraine?

Unless you often travel to Ukraine or live there for extended periods of time, dating women from Ukraine is not that easy, as this country is many miles away from where you are. Luckily, there is always an option to meet women from Ukraine online. It’s fast, it’s convenient, it’s cost-effective, and it allows you to develop a relationship on your own terms.

Rest assured that there are thousands of sexy Ukrainian women online waiting for a chance to meet a Western guy. So once you sign up for an international dating site, you will likely become the center of their attention and will easily find a Ukrainian girlfriend.

What do Ukrainian women look like?

Hot Ukrainian girls are undeniably stunning, but what exactly do Ukrainian beauties look like? For starters, you can look at the many female celebrities of Ukrainian descent, such as Mila Kunis, Olha Kurylenko, and Milla Jovovich. Their dark hair and dark eyes, flawless skin with a medium tone, and plump, bright lips should already give you an idea of the beauty of Ukrainian women. You can also browse some profile on a Ukrainian dating site to get a better idea.

We can also add that Ukraine ladies have stunning bodies that they carefully maintain through a healthy diet and moderate exercise. The style and makeup habits of sexy Ukrainian women also add to their beauty and make their already lovely features look simply breathtaking.

What are the major facts about Ukrainian women?

If things go well and you get a girlfriend from Ukraine, you will have plenty of opportunities to find out what Ukrainian beauties are really like. But before that happens, here are the three facts about the women from Ukraine to spike your interest:

  1. Ukrainian girls marry young compared to Western women. The average marriage age for women in Ukraine right now is 25, but a Ukrainian girl may want to tie the knot even earlier than that.
  2. Women in Ukraine are incredibly resilient. As you can imagine, the history of independent Ukraine hasn’t always been easy. However, instead of giving up, Ukrainian girls have learned to be strong and optimistic.
  3. Not all Ukrainian ladies want to be homemakers. Slavic women are often thought to be completely focused on the family, not career, but that is not entirely true. For instance, according to The World Bank, over 47% of women in Ukraine currently successfully combine working with family life.
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