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Last Updated on June 21, 2022

In the present-day, human beings are living in a world where technology has already surpassed humanity. Technology is playing a very important role in every aspect of the lives of human beings.

There are many education experts who believe that that technology has upgraded the system of education in the world, which is true to some extent, but there are many other people who thoroughly believe that this advancement of technology also has a bad effect on education.

The students are becoming highly dependent on the devices to complete their work rather than depending on their own knowledge and this is obviously a negative signal towards the growth of education and humanity in the modern world. There are many positive and negative effects of technology in education, however, today we will discuss briefly the negative side of technology toward education growth.

1. Huge Expenditure

In the present day, students are not dependent on pen and paper. In this modern era of technology, computers and other devices have substituted the use of pen and paper.

These high tech devices offer many advanced features to the user which is much more helpful than using pen and paper, but the maintenance of these devices costs a fortune to the owner. The maintenance requires a huge amount of money and the update of the outdated software also takes a fair amount of money. So we can say that technology has made education expensive.

2. Insufficient Teaching Methods

With the advancement of technology, teachers are incapable of teaching students with modern techniques. The teachers know the primitive way of teaching the students by interacting with them. Research has proved that interactive teaching is the best way for students to learn.

With the use of technology and advanced devices, the interaction part is totally eliminated. The students only study the topics by themselves and do not discuss any topic. This has a bad impact on the students.

3. Waste of Time

Software and hardware devices are made by human beings, as humans can make errors, so the technology or devices made by human beings can also have some errors in it. These errors cause a loss of time. Problems like server issues and connectivity problems take a huge amount of time to get fixed, hence it disturbs the normal flow of teaching and causes frustration for both the teacher and the student.

Wasting time due to these kinds of unnecessary problems is not advisable in any educational institution or in schools where every second is important for the students.

4. Misguided due to Wrong Information

With speedy development and improvement in the technology, website owners are eager to rank their websites higher on different search engines. So the owners are mostly concerned about ranking and are least concerned about the contents on the website.

This is the reason many websites contain wrong information on various topics that are pasted or copied from different sources without verifying the authenticity of the content. Due to this wrong information, the learners are often misguided which can severely harm their educational development.

5. Major Source of Distraction

Research has revealed that more than 60% of schools and colleges in the world are using modern devices like laptops and tablets as a means of teaching. So the students are also using the same devices to be on par with the teachings of the teachers.

In the present day, social media has evolved leaps and bounds, with 90% of the world’s population using social media. So the devices which are provided to the students for studying are instead used to be active on social media.

Students are not studying with the help of these devices, they are interested in checking the posts and status updates of their near and dear ones and many other things. This is how technology is becoming a huge distraction for the learners, thus increasing the gap between students and educators.

6. Creates Enough Opportunities for Cheating

The advancement of technology is making the student lazy. It gives them the power and the opportunity to control everything with a few clicks of the mouse. Cheating is illegal, but technology has made it easy with all the resources contained in it.

There are many situations where the students can cheat very easily without getting caught, e.g. in an examination hall students can use their smartphones for cheating.

With the advancement of technology, smartphones are provided with many developed features and with internet accessibility so it becomes easy for the students to find the answers with the help of the internet.

7. Learners Get Disconnected from the Real World

In the present day, due to the huge advancement of technology, teachers are educating the students with different online tools instead of physically communicating with them, hence the students are unable to interact with the students and also cannot share problems with them.

Teachers miserably fail to draw the attention of the student. It is recommended to use verbal communication with the students along with using online tools. So the students can learn the topics as well as they can share their problems with the teacher.

8. Losing Assignment of the Students

This is one of the major drawbacks of using devices like laptops and computers for educational purposes. Laptops and computers are devices made by human beings and these devices can malfunction due to internal or external causes.

In the present day students tend to do all their assignments on their laptops or computers, even the schools and colleges also want this assignment as soft copies. E.g. a student completed his or her assignment with a lot of hard work and patience.

If the laptop of the student suddenly malfunctions at the last moment, then the student will be in great trouble. All the efforts and hard work will go in vain. So due to the malfunction of a device the entire effort of the student will become a waste.

It is advised to the students to always have a backup or a hardcopy of the required documents. So we can say that these devices are not fully dependable.

9. Difficult to Deal with the Online Courses

It is said that knowledge has no age and no limit. There are many students who have an urge to continue learning on a regular basis, but sometimes it becomes very difficult for them to attain all the lecture classes on a regular basis.

These difficulties can occur due to many reasons; it can be health issues, family issues, or any other issues.  Advancement of technology has solved this problem, and now students can learn the missed topic from the websites present on the internet and they can access those sites whenever and from wherever they want.

The solution is a bit faulty itself, the contents and the lecture videos on the Internet require good internet speed so it cannot be accessed smoothly if the internet is slow. These online lectures also fail to motivate the students compared to the physical lectures.

10. Extinction of Good Handwriting

Devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones have already replaced the use of a normal pen and paper. Due to this, all the important assignments and documents are typed and saved into the respective folders, hence the writing down on paper is more or less eliminated.

Due to no writing or very little writing, people lose the habit to write, hence the handwriting becomes worse than it was before. Research has also revealed that using these machines instead of writing has slowed down the thinking process of the students and also brings a fair amount of lethargy in the students.

11. Partial to the Low Income Group of People

Advancement in technology has also made education expensive. Advancement has given birth to different kind of modern devices which are very costly and also require a lot of money for maintenance.

This has made education difficult for people with less income; these people cannot afford this kind of education for themselves or for their children so it is partial for people with low income.

Every person in this world has the right to educate themselves, but the increase in cost has stolen this right, people with less income cannot afford this.

12. EBooks Replacing Physical Books

Ebooks are basically electronic books. Ebooks are the electronic versions of the normal books so these are easy to store and a person does not have to buy this book from the store, he or she can easily download it from the internet.

The problem is that these books are not compatible with all the devices and also constantly looking towards the screen of the laptop or a smartphone can cause eye problems to the user. So it is recommended to the students to use normal books.

One way to handle the compatibility issue is to convert eBooks into a more universal format like PDF. A robust PDF editor like PDFelement will let you convert EPUB and other eBook formats into PDF. This format will look the same no matter what OS or device the user views it on, so you can have a mix of text and other rich media content when using PDF without worrying about layout issues. As a matter of fact, PDFelement also lets you convert printed materials into editable PDFs from image or scanned PDF files, giving you even more flexibility.

Final Summary

Even though technology has some negative effect on education, it is undeniable that technology also has made the education system simple and flexible:

  • Students can take the help of the internet for their studies
  • The implementation of smart classes in every school and colleges is very good result of the technology
  • It eliminates all the educational limitations and boundaries faced by a learner
  • Students can access their work and assignments with the help of these advanced devices whenever and from wherever they want.

So these are some ways in which technology has greatly benefited the education system.

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