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Last Updated on June 28, 2022

Truth or Dare needs no introduction. Despite where you grew up, you must have played this scintillating classic party game at some point in your life. But even if you haven’t, don’t hate yourself as the game has no age limits.

In Truth or Dare, players take turns asking each other ‘truth or dare?’ If the other participants choose ‘truth,’ they’re required to respond to a question of the asker’s choice factually and honestly. And if they prefer ‘dare,’ the asker dares them with a seemingly impossible task.

Like most question-based games, Truth or Dare only makes more sense when you go with unique questions and ideas. In this collection, we highlight some of the top Truth or Dare questions, from the cool and hilarious to the dirty and erotic.

Interactive Truth or Dare Questions Game

Clean Truths

1. Have you ever eaten food from the floor?

2. Have you ever eaten or been tempted to eat your dog’s treats?

3. Have you ever farted in an elevator?

4. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

5. Have you ever peed in a pool?

6. Have you ever picked your nose and eaten it?

7. Have you ever promised to quit beer/smoking/cake/chocolate etc., but then broke the promise within an hour of making it?

8. Have you ever used an inappropriate word in front of your parents?

9. How many days have you ever gone without taking a shower?

10. If you could suddenly become invisible, what more naughty things would you like to do?

11. What is one thing that gets you hot and bothered every time?

12. What is that one thing you would never do even if someone offered you all of the money in the world?

13. What is the most stupid thing you’ve done in front of a crowd?

14. What is the worst rumor or gossip you repeated which ended up costing you big time?

15. What was the most disgusting joke ever played with someone?

16. What’s something stupid you’ve done that you’re most proud of?

17. What’s the best thing you wanted to become but now consider the worst thing ever?

18. What’s the most embarrassing thing that turns you on?

19. Which celebrity do you think is overrated and why?

20. Who here are you most jealous of?

21. What is your biggest regret?

22. What are you most self-conscious about?

23. What is the biggest lie you have ever told?

24. What is your worst habit?

25. What is the strangest thing you have ever bought?

26. Have you ever lied on your resume to get a job?

27. What is your guilty pleasure?

28. What is your favorite thing to do with your leisure time?

29. What is your biggest pet peeve?

30. If you could choose a different career, what would it be and why?

31. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

32. If you were given a million dollars, what would you do with it?

33. What makes you the happiest?

34. If you were invisible what is something you would do?

35. Is there any movie that always makes you cry?

Clean Dares

1. Act like a monkey until it is your turn again.

2. Be blindfolded and then tickled for a minute.

3. Blow on the back of the other person’s neck, alternating hot and cool for one minute. Do not touch them.

4. Get a shower with all your clothes on.

5. Get within one inch of the other person, look them straight in the eye, and tell them how you feel about them for one minute. Do not touch them.

6. Go five minutes without blinking.

7. Let someone do whatever they want for two minutes with your phone.

8. Let someone write a word on your forehead in permanent marker.

9. Make as many different fart sounds as you can.

10. Make up a story about the item to your right.

11. Once you have your eyes closed, feel someone’s face and guess who they are.

12. Post an embarrassing picture of yourself online.

13. Say the alphabet backward in 15 seconds.

14. Spell out a secret message for your partner on their back. If they get it right, they get a special favor of their choosing. If they get it wrong, they have to do something special for you.

15. Spin around ten times, when you get done, try to walk in a straight line.

16. Yell out the first word that comes to your mind right now.

17. You have to call one of your partner’s parents and tell them how much you love your partner.

18. You have to give your boss a full dress down for five minutes.

19. You have to wash your partner’s feet.

20. You have to wear handcuffs for the rest of the game.

21. Talk about something you regret in your life.

22. Log into Facebook and like every picture for the past year of the first person you see.

23. Allow a random player to tickle you for 30 seconds.

24. Eat an entire onion without crying.

25. Massage another player’s back for five minutes.

26. Spank the person to your right.

27. Let any player give you a wet willy.

28. Describe someone else in the group and others have to guess who it is.

29. Do as many sit-ups as you can in one minute.

30. Completely shave off one of your eyebrows.

31. Speak in an accent chosen by another player for the rest of the game.

32. Stand up and try to break dance.

33. Try to lick your elbow for the next three minutes.

34. Pick out the best and worst dressed individuals in the group.

35. Pass your phone to the person to your right and allow them to put any status on one of your social media accounts.

Dirty Truths

1. Are second rounds exciting or exhausting?

2. Do you fake orgasm while looking sideways or looking the person straight in the face?

3. Do you have an “I’m getting laid tonight” outfit? What it is?

4. Do you have any spicy pictures or videos saved on your phone?

5. Have you ever been attracted to the same sex?

6. Have you ever cheated/wanted to cheat?

7. Have you ever done it in a car?

8. Have you ever sexted anyone? If so, read one of the sexts in a fake British accent.

9. How many people have you slept with?

10. How often do you watch something naughty?

11. If you got to have a threesome with people in this room, who would you do it with and why?

12. If you were into the same sex, which celebrity would you go for?

13. It’s totally illegal to seduce my teachers but if it were,…..

14. What is the most sexually adventurous thing you’d want someone to do to you?

15. What is the most you’ve done for sex in the past?

16. What is the song that you get it on to the most?

17. What panties are you wearing?

18. What was the most embarrassing time you got turned on?

19. What would be more thrilling: angry sex or make-up sex?

20. What’s the most number of times you’ve done it in one day?

21. What’s your favorite body part on a girl?

22. What’s your favorite fantasy to pleasure yourself to?

23. When did you lose your virginity?

24. When was a time you were so turned on you couldn’t stand it?

25. When was the first time you came?

26. When was your first kiss?

27. When was your sexual awakening?

28. Where are you on the straight/queer spectrum?

29. Who do you most want to sleep with, out of everyone here?

30. Who was your best partner and why?

Dirty Dares

1. Change your Facebook status to “Feeling horny . . .”

2. Change your Facebook status to “I’m coming . . . I’m coming . . .” Then, one minute later, change it to “I just came.”

3. Demonstrate to the room how to put a condom on using a banana.

4. Do a sexy dance for your partner, but you can only use one leg.

5. Feed someone almonds using just your mouth.

6. Go hide somewhere in the house until the next round starts. No one is going to come find you, but you must remain hidden.

7. Go to Cosmopolitan’s website’s love section and find a position you’ve never heard of. Then, try to act it out using whatever furniture and pillows you have at your disposal.

8. Have someone blindfold you. Then, everyone in the group kisses you on the cheek, and you have to either say which one is your partner, and then kiss them on the lips. OR, you have to choose one person that you want to kiss on the lips.

9. If there’s a pool, you have to go skinny dipping, and you have to choose one buddy to go with you.

10. Lay down on the ground and have someone pretend like they’re using chalk to draw an outline of your body.

11. Let someone go through your YouTube history and read it out to the group.

12. Lightly trace your hands over someone else’s lips and whisper “I’m coming, I’m coming,” five times.

13. Put a bra on your head and pretend you’re a DJ rocking it really hard for one minute.

14. Put on a swimming suit and have someone rub sunscreen on your back. Wear the suit for the rest of the evening.

15. Remove one piece of clothing every time you give the wrong answer to a series of questions.

16. Remove your bra without taking off your shirt.

17. Someone gives you a back massage for one minutes while you’re blindfolded. If you like their style, you can choose to kiss them afterwards, but without knowing their identity.

18. Someone has to lick peanut butter, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream off your finger, cheek, or somewhere of their choice.

19. Take a picture of your ‘O’ face. You have to use that as your lock screen for 48 hours.

20. Take off your partner’s shirt with only your teeth.

21. Talk to your hand like you’re making a game plan to sleep with someone else who is in the room.

22. Turn out the lights and try to turn the other person on only using sounds.

23. With your eyes closed and the other person or people standing across from you in the room, walk with your hands out. You have to kiss the first person you touch, where you touch them.

24. You get to dress your partner up, using your clothes. Then take a picture.

25. You have to hold a mouthful of water in your mouth until the round is over.

26. You have to keep your hand on the very inner thigh of the person next to you for the next round.

27. You have to leave an R-rated voicemail for an ex.

28. You have to say “I’m just a silly boy” and slap yourself gently on the face 20 times.

29. You have to undress down to your accessories and skivvies. If you want to keep any clothes on, you have to take a shot for every piece of clothing you want to keep.

30. You leave the room. Everyone pours a shot. You come back into the room and take one of the shots that was poured. Whoever poured the drink, you have to sit on their lap for the rest of the round.

Funny Truths 

  1.   What is the weirdest punishment you’ve ever taken in your school/college?
  2.  Have you ever stolen money from your father’s wallet?
  3.  How many times have you copied from your friend during exams and gotten caught?
  4.  What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your childhood?
  5.  What do you do when a romantic scene airs while watching a movie with your parents?
  6.  If you had a chance to go out on a date with your in-laws or spouse which place would you choose?
  7.  What is that one thing you do, if you were the opposite sex/gender?
  8.  Would you ditch your friends to be popular?
  9.  Have you ever read someone’s diary?
  10.  Do you have a weird collection of anything?
  11.  What is the worst habit you have?
  12.  Have you ever kept a library book? What book was it?
  13.  Have you ever stalked someone on Facebook or Instagram?
  14.  What would you buy me if I gave you $50?
  15.  What are you most self-conscious about?
  16.  Who is your favorite person in our friend’s group?
  17.  Do you feel people underestimate your abilities?
  18.  Who are you jealous of?
  19. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself
  20.  Have you ever eaten something off the floor?
  21.  What is the most embarrassing gift you ever received?
  22.  Do you believe in ghosts?
  23.  What do you find weird about your family?
  24.  When was the last time you made a mistake on social media?
  25.  What’s one food that you will never order at a restaurant?

Funny Dares 

  1. Can you call a stranger and tell them a secret?
  2.  Could you pretend you are drunk and try to convince me to come home with you?
  3.  Dance like Michael Jackson for a slow song.
  4.  I dare you to do 10 burpees while shouting your favorite quote.
  5.  Would you dare to send me a screenshot of your text inbox without deleting anything?
  6.  Clean the floor with your shirt.
  7.  Can you message someone you haven’t talked to for at least one year on Facebook or Instagram and take a screenshot?
  8.  Place five ice cubes on your head until it melts?
  9.  Kiss your elbow for 30 seconds and smell it
  10.  Can you tell a silly fact about yourself by posting it on Facebook?
  11.  Go to your neighbour’s house and ask for some toilet paper.
  12.  Put your hand in the dustbin and smell it.
  13.  Could you cook two bags of popcorn? Eat all of it as fast as you can but in the sexiest way possible.
  14.  Pour tomato sauce over your head.
  15.  Can you pick the third number on your contacts list and message them a silly poem?
  16. Eat a small packet of dry noodles
  17.  I dare you to read me the first email in your inbox.
  18.  Stand in front of the mirror and sing “Happy Birthday Song” along with your name.
  19.  Would you close your eyes and reach into your fridge or food pantry and eat the first thing you touch.
  20.  Would you dare to go up to your window and dance badly until someone walks past?
  21.  Would you walk around the block and talk to yourself the entire time, even when people are around?
  22.  Can you open your wallet and explain all the things in it briefly?
  23.  Can you describe what the sky looks like without using the words blue or white?
  24.  Can you imagine you’re a spiderman and do some simple stunts like him?
  25. Would you dare to take a selfie while picking your nose and post that picture on your Facebook timeline?


The nature of questions asked in a Truth or Dare game depends on the relationship between the participants. For instance, if you’re on a maiden date with a prospective love interest, you may choose clean questions that help you to learn more about your partner. And if you’re unwinding with a bunch of informal friends, you won’t go wrong with dirty scandalous questions. Most importantly, remember that the end goal is to be informed and entertained.

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