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Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Joe Rogan is an American stand-up comedian, martial artist, sports commentator, and television host who’s popularly known for hosting the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast. Rogan’s career in podcasting began over a decade ago when the celebrated comedian would record unfiltered and sobering videos of him getting high with his friends. His videos piqued the interest of people from all walks of life and provoked serious conversations around the globe.

Due to the ever-growing popularity of his podcasts, it was only a matter of time before Joe Rogan turned podcasting into a full-time job. To date, he has recorded more than 1,300 episodes, which he releases through his audio and video podcast, known as the Joe Rogan Experience.

One of the defining features of Joe Rogan’s podcasts is their diverse nature. Whether you’re looking for information on health, finance, relationship, politics, and some weird conspiracy theories, the Joe Rogan Experience has it all. Also, Rogan has a way of weaving in humor into his podcasts, which helps him to tactfully unpack some sensitive and delicate topics that most podcasters would rather avoid.

Best Joe Rogan Experience Podcasts

Here is a list of the 20 best Joe Rogan Experience podcasts of all time.

1. Episode #804

With: Sam Harriss

Sam Harriss is a renowned philosopher, author, neuroscientist, and podcast host. But in this Joe Rogan podcast, Harriss doesn’t dwell so much on philosophy. Rather, he and Rogan attempt to discuss a variety of topics, ranging from meditation to politics, psychedelics, and ecological preservation. The gist of the episode is how Harriss recommends proper application of logic, basic common sense, and scientific methodology to some of the issues bedeviling society.

2. Episode #1073

With: Steven Pinker

The kind of news that fills our mainstream and social media today is anything but positive. We’re constantly treated to terrorist attacks in the Middle East, hunger in sub-Saharan Africa, and various world economies teetering on the brink of collapse. It’s difficult to find a ray of hope amidst all the negativity. However, Steven Pinker believes that the world is not only better today than it was a few years ago, but is also destined for greater days ahead. What makes this episode worth your time is how Pinker backs up his optimism with scientific facts and evidence.

3. Episode #1320

With: Eric Weinstein

Eric Weinstein is a renowned mathematician and Director of Thiel Capital. He is one of the most accomplished corporate moguls of our time. But Weinstein is not here to discuss his business acumen. Rather, he seeks to share his perspective of the human existence in a unique and thought-provoking manner. Some of the areas he covers are the risks of complacency and psychedelics.

4. Episode #901

With: Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a health and wellness specialist who deals with biomedical research, particularly brain health and anti-aging. She has appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience a couple of times, with most of her appearances touching on depression. On this show, she reveals a secret about anti-depressants that big pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know.

5. Episode #1176

With: Dom D’agostino and Layne Norton

The Ketogenic diet is one of the most controversial nutritional topics. Proponents tout it as the silver bullet to every possible disease affecting the human body, while opponents claim that its benefits are overrated. Here’s your chance to listen in to professional insights from a keto proponent (Dom D’agostino Ph.D.) and a keto antagonist Layne Norton Ph.D.

6. Episode #865

With: Wim Hof

Wim Hof is a household name in the health and biohacking sector. Wim has some seemingly ridiculous tips on how you can harness the power of conscious breathwork to change your body chemistry, including your hormonal responses, inflammation, and internal body temperature. As absurd as these claims may sound, they’re actually backed by some solid scientific findings.

7. Episode #512

With: Dan Savage

Dan Savage is an author, editor, and outspoken gay rights activist. The discussions in this episode revolve around the state of gay rights in America, sex, and political upheaval, with some cultural twists to these subjects. Though the episode was recorded way back in 2014, many of the topics of discussion are still relevant today.

8. Episode #888

With: Ron White

There are always some fireworks to be expected when legendary comedians share a platform. Comedian Ron White is a bit reserved when it comes to appearing on the mainstream media. But when he does, he always leaves a mark. In this JRE episode, the two riff, lose themselves in the joys of the moment, and crack some insanely hilarious jokes.

9. Episode #1284

With: Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is a renowned critic of the status-quo of mainstream archaeology and anthropology. He has continually pointed out inconsistencies in theories and challenged numerous archeological and anthropological evidence. Is Hancock a pseudo conspiracy theorist, or are his claims backed by hard evidence? This JRE episode helps to put that into perspective.

10. Episode #1035

With: Paul Stamets

Mycology is an area of science that doesn’t receive adequate attention, despite playing a crucial role in our health and environment. Therefore, listening to the insights of an expert who has devoted his life to analyzing all things fungi might be worth your time. Paul Stamets doesn’t just share average fungi information that you can find on the first pages of Google. He goes deeper, unveiling the nitty-gritty details about fungi, and presenting the info in a way that we can all relate with.

11. Episode #1315

With: Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell

When Bob Lazar first made public his experience working in the reverse-extra-terrestrial-tech engineering program for the government of the United States, he did so out of a desire to inform. He never imagined that those claims would turn his world upside down. However, those very allegations put him on the warpath with the FBI and the entire US intelligence community. But how credible are Lazar’s claims on the existence of extraterrestrial beings? Listen in to this episode and find out.

12. Episode# 1123

With: Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is another regular at the Joe Rogan Experience. In this episode, Smith shares the story of his struggles with health crises, particularly weight-related complications, and how he overcame some of them. He takes the listener through a step-by-step guide on how to get your body back in shape and keep heart and cardiovascular diseases at bay.

13. Episode #908

With: Leah Remini

Leah Remini, who was once a member of the Church of Scientology, is an outspoken advocate against the evil aspects of religion. Her mission is to shine a light into some strange religious practices and bring all those retrogressive irregularities to the fore. Leah shares with Joe some of the harrowing experiences with the Church of Scientology and her motivation behind leaving the cult.

14. Episode #1169

With: Elon Musk

There’s only one show where Elon Musk has appeared in and smoked pot with careless abandon. Of course, he would later be fined by the US government, but that’s not the gist of this episode. Here, Elon Musk tackles certain pertinent questions in a manner that leaves you wondering if this is the genius Elon everyone knows.

15. Episode #1255

With: Alex Jones

Did you know that Hilary Clinton is an “interdimensional” demon with a mission to bring Satan into the human dimension? And did you know that Bill Gates has sponsored numerous projects with the sole intention of wiping out minority communities out of the face of the earth? Welcome to one of the most scintillating episodes of conspiracy theories, starring Alex Jones.

16. Episode #1225

With: Theo Von

This is another great podcast that features two great comedians. Theo Von has plenty of interesting ideas that will leave you in stitches. Some of those include school bus erections, mathematical butt tattoos, and summoning ghosts.

17. Episode #1402

With: Boyan Slat

Boyan Slat is a Dutch entrepreneur and inventor behind the idea of The Ocean Cleanup, a Netherlands-based organization that tries to rid our water bodies of pollutants like plastics. In this episode, he shares some of the progress The Ocean Cleanup has made so far, as well as what the future holds for this noble initiative.

18. Episode #1289

With: Eddie Izzard

This episode is all about the transgender community, particularly with regard to children and sports. Eddie Izzard is a political activist, actor, and trans comedian and in this show, he shares his journey towards becoming a trans person in entertainment. Eddie especially dwells on the challenges he went through and how he eventually overcame them.

19. Episode #590

With: Ana Kasparian

Joe Rogan and Ana Kasparian share a somewhat hostile professional relationship. But things weren’t always like that. The two shared a close professional friendship before shit hit the fan. And this show offers a glimpse into how close Joe and Ana were before their professional romance turned into an online feud.

20. Episode #938

With: Lawrence Krauss

In this show, physicist Lawrence Krauss takes you through a long and winding discussion of how possible it was for the universe to come out of nothing. The discussions periodically oscillate between religion and science. And as you may expect, it only ends in more confusion, with plenty of questions begging for answers.


There goes our collection of the best Joe Roger podcasts of all time. Whether you’re looking for a hilarious podcast to while away your day or an informative one from some of the most brilliant minds, Joe Rogan has it all.

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